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Top 50+ Free Kontakt Libraries (2022) | Pianos, Orchestras, Drums, Guitars & More

FREE Instruments Kontakt Music Production

  Welcome to our ultimate Free Kontakt Libraries list! Here we've compiled over 50 amazing sounding instruments and bundles for you to download instantly. You'll be able to get amazing sampled instruments like pianos, drums and guitars. You can also find here amazing full orchestras. Towards the end you'll find awesome big bundles of instruments, as well as some more unusual and ambient instruments. Let's get started! Pianos In the pianos section we have really great grands, an upright, as well as a rhodes. “Piano in 162” and “Amore Grand Piano” would be the top choices as for grand pianos....

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350+ Free Tutorials For Music Production in Ableton Live

Music Production

At Production Music Live, we offer in-depth online courses through our website. Additionally, we have more than 350 free tutorials on our YouTube Channel - so feel free to subscribe. We are looking to publish new tutorials every week, covering subjects like Sound Design, Drum Production, Production from Start To Finish as well as Chord and Melody writing sessions. If you're looking for even more structured in-depth knowledge, feel free to check out our courses.   List of Melody and Chord Progressions Tutorials List of Melodic Deep / House / Techno Tutorials for Ableton Live List of Sound Design Tutorials for MASSIVE Ultimate List of Ableton Drum Programming Tutorials by PML List of Future...

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Drum Programming Session - Berlin Deep Techno Style

Drum Programming Music Production Studio Session

In this production session, we are going through the drum programming around a melodic deep / berlin techno style track with low reverbed kick elements, sub kicks, percussive elements, tonal clave's and driving shakers. You might be familiar with such a drumming from artists like Rodriguez Jr., Moderat and Djs/Producers from the Berlin Techno scene. Contents: 02:00 Kick Part 03:35 Reverb Kick 07:13 Sub Kick 09:34 808 Element (Side Chaining Technique) 11:47 “Brk” Element 13:40 Processing on Drums Group 15:11 Claps 15:53 Shakers 18:53 Clave 20:36 Percussive Element 22:12 Tonal Clave Element 2 22:29 Hihats 24:10 Ride 25:12 Info 25:48 Playback   Resources...

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The 19 best Ableton Drum Programming Tutorials - Update 2020

Ableton Live Deep House Drum Programming EDM Music Production Techno

Here's a list of our Youtube Drum Programming tutorials for Ableton Live: 0. Drum Programming Session - Berlin Melodic Techno Style 1. How to Make EDM Drums in Ableton 2. How to Make House Drums in Ableton [Beginners Tutorial] 3. How to Make Trap Drums in Ableton [Beginners Tutorial] 4. (Producing Session) Deep House Drum Loop From Scratch - Beat Programming 5. How To Produce a Tchami Style Future House Track in Ableton - Part 1: Drums 6. Future Bass Coyote Kisses Revive Tutorial Ableton Massive - Part 2: Drums & Bass 7. Producing Trap Beats in Ableton Only - Walkthrough Tutorial Diplo Chill 8. Ableton...

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Making A Track From Scratch in Ableton Live Session View for Beginners

Ableton Ableton Live 9 Beginners Music Production

  In this tutorial, we are learning how to make a beat from scratch in Ableton Live Session View, following the "Deadmau5" writing process (as seen on his streams and the deadmau5 master class). We are only using Ableton Live 9 Standard elements and Xfer Records Serum.     FREE Download: Ableton Project from this Tutorial (requires Serum) Drum Samples used: Deep Premium Vol. 2    Learn more about our FULL Start To Finish courses: Learn the foundations of Harmony & Chord Progressions Learn how to produce music in Ableton Live     Available courses: Beginners: Producing A Track From Start To...

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List of Future Bass Tutorials for Ableton Live

Ableton Ableton Live 9 Future Bass List Music Production

  Here's a list of our youtube Future Bass tutorials for Ableton Live. Signature sound remakes for artists like Flume, The Chainsmokers, Grant Bowtie, San Holo, Drum Programming and sound design tutorials, there's a bit of everything inside. If you're looking to learn how to make a Future Bass track from start to finish like a pro, check out our full online course: Producing a Future Bass Track From Start To Finish   List of Tutorials: Chainsmokers Don't let me Down Style with Ableton & Massive - Drop Tutorial (Illenium Version) Future Bass Melody Vocal Chop - Ableton Tutorial (San Holo, Diplo,...

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The 30 best Sound Design Tutorials for NI Massive Vst

List Massive Music Production Sound Design Vst

Here's a list of our youtube sound design tutorials for Native Instruments Massive. Deep House Bass Sounds, Future Bass Leads, Background Pads, signature sound remakes, there's a bit of everything inside. If you're looking to learn how to use Massive like a pro, check out our full online course for NI Massive. Basics: How to use MASSIVE - Tutorial List of Tutorials: Flume Synth Tennis Court - Massive Sound Design Tutorial Lorde Massive Tutorial - What So Not - Touched Synth - Flume Style Awesome "Guitar" Pluck with NI Massive Tutorial - PML Boiler Production Deep, Techno, Underground House "Analog" Bass...

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Top 9 Melody and Chord Progression Tutorials for Electronic Music

Chord Progressions List Melody Music Production Music Theory

We're getting a lot of mails from producers struggling to write great melodies and chord progressions, so we've compiled a list of our best YouTube-Tutorials on writing music on Ableton: How to write a Melody in Ableton - Beginners Tutorial Writing an EDM Melody in A-Minor Scale Creating a EDM Chord Progression and Melody / House, Progressive, Trance, Electro Writing Chords and Melody from Scratch: Tropical / Deep House How to write Future Bass Chords and Melody from Scratch (Flume, San Holo, Chainsmokers, Odesza) How to write Progressive House Chords and Melody from Scratch What makes a good Chord Progression? Info: "Harmony and...

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Take a look inside: Innervisions Studio Setup

Ableton Live 9 Music Production Studio

  What an amazing studio place and label environment Dixon, Frank Wiedemann (Âme) are working in, located in the center of Berlin, Germany. You can feel the creativity, good vibes, coziness and clear visions.    DAW: Ableton Live 9 "... when I started my live setup I completely switched, as Ableton is just more musical than Logic, more intuitive as well."     Selected Hardware: Memorymoog Roland Jupiter-4 Arp 2600 Ableton Push   Keywords: Ame, DJ Dixon, Frank Wiedemann, Henrik Schwarz, Innervisions, Howling, Âme Rej, Studio Setup

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8 Trap Production Tips with k-pizza

Music Production Sound Design Tips 'n Tricks

Hi! I recently made a video for PML explaining how I made my track called "pronto". It contained some tips that I wish I knew when I was starting out, so I listed them here for you. Stick around until the end of the article to watch the video and get the project file for this track: 1. Arpeggiators for hihats and instruments To create hihat rolls fast you can throw a MIDI effect called Arpeggiator before your hihat sample. That will trigger your sample for as long as you hold it. You can automate the speed of your hihats...

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