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Chords and Melody Writing Session #4 - Progressive House / EDM in D-Minor

Ableton Live Chord Progressions Chords EDM Future Bass Music Theory Writing Music

  In this tutorial, Francois is writing chords in the F-Minor scale shooting trying to achieve a rather dramatic and full sounding chord progression on an 8-voices and detuned saw lead sound. Listen in! Feel free to take a look at our MIDI packs:   MIDI Pack   Learn more about our Harmony and Chords: Course: Harmony & Chord Progressions        Keywords: EDM, Progressive House Chords, Future Bass Chords, Martin Garrix Chords, Avicii Chords, style track with ableton live, drums with ableton live, remix ableton project file, edit, starting with ableton live, starting out with ableton live.

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Mastering Chain for Future Bass - Ableton Live Effects only - Free Download

Ableton Live Future Bass Mastering

Tutorial: Subscribe to Production Music Live on YouTube What we used: Ableton Live 9 Standard In this video we are walking you through a complete Mastering Chain for a Future Bass track in the style of Virtual Riot, Odesza, Flume, etc - only using Ableton Live 9 Standard stock effect elements. You can grab the an Ableton Project file including this chain from our "Free" section.  Mastering Chain - Free Download   More Info: Grab a free Ableton-only Mastering Chain from our Freebie section 5h+ Online MASTERING COURSE (from start to finish)    keywords: Mastering Future Bass, Mastering a Future Bass Track, Mastering chain...

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12 Tips for writing Future Bass Chords & Melodies

Chords Future Bass Music Theory Tips 'n Tricks

Writing melodies and chords Writing melodies and chords can be difficult. The best future bass tracks always have an excellent catchy melody & chord progression. Today we will go over some techniques, that help you get better at writing hooks. Here’s our Harmony and Chord Progressions course!  1. Know what emotion you're trying to capture Before you start writing a progression, it’s good to think about what kind of mood is the track going to be in. If you’re aiming at a happier feel, try using major scales. If you’re trying to achieve a more mysterious vibe, try writing some...

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"Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This" Remake with Ableton Live Standard & Serum

Ableton Live Future Bass Remake SERUM

Tutorial: Subscribe to Production Music Live on YouTube What we used: Ableton Live 9 Standard SERUM VST In this tutorial we are going through some techniques helping you produce tracks like "Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This" only using Serum and Ableton Live 9 Standard. Steps: 00:30 Overview 01:40 Chords04:03 Main Lead Sound Design05:52 Layers06:36 Sidechaining 10:14 Drums14:26 Frequency fillers   More Info: - Grab the Drum Samples Pack: Deep Premium 2 used in this project - Ableton Project for this drop with different MIDIs - 6h+ Beginners course: Pop Track (Chainsmoking Style) from START TO FINISH  - Harmony and Chord Progressions Course - Serum Presets: Future...

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Flume Synth in 7 Steps with Sylenth1

Future Bass Preset Presets Remake Sound Design Sylenth1

Flume Synth with Sylenth1 Several interviews revealed Lennar Digital's Sylenth1 as Flume's go-to synth and source for many of his popular lead sounds. So we sat down to take a shot at recreating the sound of flume's lead synth in his remix for "Lorde - Tennis Court (Flume Remix)". We are working with Sylenth1 VST and dividing the sound design process into 7 steps:   Saw Wave: We're using a saw wave in oscillator A1, taking 8 voices and pulling up detuning to create a full and spread-out sound. Square Wave 1: Oscillator A2 uses a pulse wave (square wave), with 3 voices and...

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