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Making a Simple House Drum Pattern [Beginners]

Ableton Live Drum Programming Tips 'n Tricks

  Hi! In this beginners tutorial I’m going to show you how to make simple house drum patterns. Here’s what we’re going to make today: If you'd like to learn more about making music in Ableton make sure to check out our updated 4h+ course - "Making A Track From Start To Finish". It's covering all the basics you need to get started. We’ve prepared a free sample pack with sounds that we’re going to be using here, so download it before we get started - that way you can follow along. It’s on our freebies page under the name...

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Top 10 New Features In Ableton Live 10

Ableton Live

1. New synthesizer: Wavetable Live 10 introduces a powerful built-in synthesizer. It’s similar to Xfer Serum - it uses wavetables for its two oscillators. Its modulation section consists of two envelopes and two LFOs which can be mapped to any parameter in the synth. Other features include morphing wavetables, a Sub section and two filters - one for each oscillator. 2. New audio effects Drum Buss The most often used effects on drum groups are compressors, saturators and transient designers. Drum Buss combines these effects into one, allowing you to give character to your drums more easily. It also allows...

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Analog Lead Sound Overtones with Arturia Mini V3 and Ableton Live

Ableton Live Arturia Melodic Techno Sound Design

This video is taken out of the course "Analog Melodic Techno Track from Start To Finish". Francois shows you how to create some nice lead sound overtones using the Arturia Mini V3. Download the free overtones preset.    Resources / Files:  You can buy the Ableton Live Project file here Check out: Analog Deep Techno Bundle Sound Design Course with Arturia Mini V3   Learn more about producing melodic techno: NEW PML 6h+ Course: Producing an Analog Melodic Techno Track from Start to Finish in Ableton     Keywords: melodic techno drum programming session ableton live, arturia mini v3, francois, techno production, sub...

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10 Mixing Mistakes To Avoid

Ableton Ableton Live Audio Engineering Mastering Mixing Tips 'n Tricks

1. Mixing on monitors in a non-treated room Before you start mixing a track you need to be able to hear it in enough detail. The problem with studio monitors is that often producers buy them before investing in room treatment. With bad acoustics you’re not going to hear your track the same way you would in a treated room. If you can’t afford room treatment a temporary solution could be to buy good studio headphones. With headphones you’re not dependent on your room’s acoustics. I recommend that you still use monitors to check what your mix sounds like on...

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5 Workflow Mistakes To Avoid

Ableton Ableton Live Tips 'n Tricks Workflow

  1. Mixing / Sound designing too much in the beginning phase of making a track This is my biggest mistake. Too often I find myself tweaking synths or samples instead of writing the music. Mixing and sound design are very time-consuming and too much of it kills my inspiration. To battle this problem I resample drums and save presets from my previous tracks or collect sounds that already sound nice. I save them all in one folder and do the same for presets. That allows me to have a folder with ready-to-use sounds. This way I don’t have to...

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