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Making a Track from Start to Finish (in Session View)

Making a Track in Ableton Live 10

In this video, Francois is making a beat from Start to Finish in Session View in Ableton. He's building everything from scratch and also shows how to use a few different 3rd party VST instruments for sound shaping. 

Time Codes:

00:00 Playback and comparing synths
00:49 Introduction
03:54 Getting started with Chord Progression
06:15 Tweaking the sound
09:50 Adding an Arpeggio
15:00 Adding a Custom Arpeggio
21:00 Adding the Bass
25:52 Adding Drums
26:06 Kick
27:06 Low Clap
28:07 Hihat
32:00 Hihat -> Arpeggio Sidechaining
33:55 Hihat Loop
35:50 Beat done
36:00 Making a simple master
39:10 Comparing Wavetable, Operator, Diva, Serum, The Legend
44:11 Playing everything



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