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Dada Life Makes you Smile

New Plugin from Dada Life. After the huge success they had with the "Sausage Fattener" here comes their new plugin "Endless Smile". Let Dada Life explain it to you!  

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6 Production Tips From Our "Calvin Harris - Slide" Project File

Here are a few techniques we used while making this track: Get this project file 1. Grouping groups and Bus Limiting In Ableton you can „group groups” by creating buses from audio tracks. Here’s how to do it: - create a new audio track - in the Monitoring section set it to In (Input)  - go to the groups and set their output to the bus track. In our project file we used this technique to create a Kick/Snare Bus. On this bus we placed a limiter to make sure that when our kick and snare play together, they won’t...

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Mastering tips: Compression


A compressor is an important tool when it comes to mastering. Today we’ll go through some tips to get the most out of it. First: What is a compressor? A compressor, in short, is a device which reduces the dynamic range of an audio signal. Dynamic range is the difference in loudness between the loudest and quietest parts of your mix or any kind of audio source. A compressor reduces the volume of the peaks or louder parts of a mix (for example when a kick drum hits). As a result, you get a more „flat” audio curve. The dynamic...

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5 Pro Ableton Audio Effect Tips

Ableton Live Tips 'n Tricks

1. Compressor: Transfer Curve View The ”Transfer Curve” view is the second view in Ableton’s Compressor. It’s confusing to a lot of people, so I thought I’d explain it. Remember what an y=x graph looks like? The display in this mode is very similar to a graph, but instead of the x and y it displays input volume and output volume. When the Ratio is set to 1:1 no compression is happening - the compressor doesn’t affect the volume at all. That means that no matter how loud the input signal is, the output level is exactly the same. That...

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Chords, Voicing and Writing Session #5 - Uplifting Summer House in C#-Minor

Chord Progressions Chords Music Theory Writing Music

  In this tutorial, Francois is writing and voicing uplifting Summer House chords in the C#-Minor scale shooting trying to achieve a optimistic and stable sounding chord progression in the style of EDX, Nora En Pure, Dinka, Armas, etc. Listen in! Feel free to take a look at our MIDI packs:   MIDI Pack   Learn more about our Harmony and Chords: Course: Harmony & Chord Progressions        Keywords: EDM, Progressive House Chords, EDX Chords, Nora En Pure Chords, Dinka Chords, style track with ableton live, drums with ableton live, remix ableton project file, edit, starting with ableton live, starting out with ableton live....

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