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What's inside? Shuja's Home Studio

Home Studio Studio

German-italian DJ/Producer Shuja (facebook, soundcloud) has a nice home studio setup and even a comfortable second chair for possible collabs ;) Here's what gear he's mainly using:    DAW: Ableton Live 9   Hardware: Monitors / Speakers: Krk Rokit 6 Krk 12“ Subwoofer Roland A-500S Keyboard  Roland Quad Capture Interface Dbx Drive Rack Native Instruments Maschine Roland MC-808 Sampling Groovebox   Favorite plugins: Lennar Digital Sylenth1 Arturia Mini Moog     Keywords: Home Studio Setup, Shuja, JazzyFunk   More Resources: Check out our full 6h+ Course: Melodic Techno From Start To Finish with Ableton Live Professional Drum Samples: Deep Premium Vol. 1 Pro Massive Presets: Boiler...

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Studio Session: Francois "Clouds" - Cleaning and tweaking a song project (David August, Boiler Room Style, Electronica)

Ableton Live Chord Progressions Melody Sound Design Studio Session Writing Music

In this session, Francois is loading up an old Ableton project (David August Style), cleans up and works on harmonies, melodies, sound design, mixing and a very simple mastering while commenting on everything. The track is called Francois "Clouds". Sit back, get a beer and feel free to follow along. Contents: Cleaning the project Analyzing harmonies and melodies (hirojoshi scale) Analyzing the drum pattern (powered by Deep Premium Vol. 1 Drum Samples) Editing the Mix (EQ, Compression, Mid-Side EQ, Reverbs, FX) Sound Design tweaking and analysis  Quick Mix and Mastering  Playback of result If you'd like to dig deeper into...

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Making Bass Cut Through [8 Production Tips]

Ableton Live EQing Mixing

At PML, we love sharing our production tips with you. Today we've prepared for you 8 tips we found useful. 1. Making bass cut through To make your bass cut through better, split it into two tracks. Use one track to play sub frequencies (lowpass everything below 60 Hz with EQ8) and another one to play harmonics (highpass at 60 Hz). Then make sure your sub frequencies are mono and stereo enhance the harmonics. 2. Jazz up your chords To give your chords a more jazzy feel, try these techniques: - Extend them into 7th, 9th, 11th or 13th chords for that...

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Ableton Live Q&A (January 2017)

Ableton Live Q&A

Results of a quick Q&A session with "monte" on our Youtube Channel:   Subscribe to Production Music Live on YouTube   Results of a quick Q&A session with "monte" on our Youtube Channel: Using separate EQs and Filters for each step Q: why do you have multiple EQs and auto filters in a chain? couldn't you just use one EQ for everything and automate the high cut on it? A: Yes, that would be possible. I'm using multiple devices to make it as easy as possible for the viewer to follow the single steps in the process.   Using send...

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DJ Snake, Major Lazer Pluck Sound with Massive (Tutorial)

Massive Sound Design

In this quick tutorial, we are designing a future pop / moombahton like pluck sound with NI Massive. Its a very handy sound for adding a main "pluck line" to your track, like we know it from tracks of artists like "DJ Snake (Let me love you ft. Justin Bieber)", "Major Lazer (Lean On)" and others. Additionally you can get this very pluck sound and more Massive presets with our pack "Future Pop / Moombahton for NI Massive".   If you'd like to learn how to use MASSIVE in depth, check out our online lessons: 4h+ Course: Sound Design with NI Massive     Keywords: dj snake...

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