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Making Custom LFO Shapes: 10 SERUM Tips

SERUM Sound Design Tips 'n Tricks

At PML we love sharing our sound design tips with you. This time we've prepared 10 tips we found useful. Some of them we found in the SERUM Manual, which is a great read! 1. Customizing LFO Shapes double-click to Add or Remove points shift-click to draw steps on the Grid (similar to a step sequencer) alt-click+drag Points to snap points to the the Grid alt-click+drag any Curve Point to move all curve points at once. click+drag on background to multi-select points command-click+drag a point (ctrl-click on Windows) to multi-select points for a relative movement (rainbow color will appear on...

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"Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This" Remake with Ableton Live Standard & Serum

Ableton Live Future Bass Remake SERUM

Tutorial: Subscribe to Production Music Live on YouTube What we used: Ableton Live 9 Standard SERUM VST In this tutorial we are going through some techniques helping you produce tracks like "Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This" only using Serum and Ableton Live 9 Standard. Steps: 00:30 Overview 01:40 Chords04:03 Main Lead Sound Design05:52 Layers06:36 Sidechaining 10:14 Drums14:26 Frequency fillers   More Info: - Grab the Drum Samples Pack: Deep Premium 2 used in this project - Ableton Project for this drop with different MIDIs - 6h+ Beginners course: Pop Track (Chainsmoking Style) from START TO FINISH  - Harmony and Chord Progressions Course - Serum Presets: Future...

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Flume Synth in 7 Steps with Sylenth1

Future Bass Preset Presets Remake Sound Design Sylenth1

Flume Synth with Sylenth1 Several interviews revealed Lennar Digital's Sylenth1 as Flume's go-to synth and source for many of his popular lead sounds. So we sat down to take a shot at recreating the sound of flume's lead synth in his remix for "Lorde - Tennis Court (Flume Remix)". We are working with Sylenth1 VST and dividing the sound design process into 7 steps:   Saw Wave: We're using a saw wave in oscillator A1, taking 8 voices and pulling up detuning to create a full and spread-out sound. Square Wave 1: Oscillator A2 uses a pulse wave (square wave), with 3 voices and...

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Why You Should Only Be Using One Synth

MASSIVE SERUM Sound Design Sylenth1

The Trap of Collecting Synths How many synth plugins (or hardware synths) do you currently own? Out of those, how many do you use on a regular basis? Do you have one or two ‘go to’ synths that you use on nearly every song? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you should start using just one or two synths out of your collection for the next month. Don’t use anything else. I know you paid good money for them, but don’t worry, you can come back to them after this experiment. Just One Synth?! I...

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Remaking the Style of Chainsmokers "Closer" using Ableton Live Standard & Massive or Serum

Ableton Live Massive Remake SERUM

Short Tutorial Version: Subscribe to Production Music Live on YouTube What we used: Ableton Live 9 Standard NI MASSIVE VST and/or Serum VST Let's go through some techniques helping you produce tracks like "Closer" only using Massive and/or Serum and Ableton Live 9 Standard. Steps: Constructing a powerful pop-ish drum pattern with Kick, heavy Snare, layered Clap and a bunch of rather standard closed and open hihat samples. We are using sounds from our Deep Premium Vol.2 Sample Pack Making a solid deep bass in Massive to go along with the main synth Creating two moody synth layers for the main chord stabs, using...

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