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Mixing: How To Make Fatter Drums (5 Simple Tips)

Consistently making fatter drums is what many producers strive for. The drums are the foundation of any great electronic music track. If your drums sound thin and weak, there’s a very good chance that will spread throughout your entire mix. And the last thing you want is a flat and thin mix! >> Learn how to make professional drum beats. Many times, the secret is to fatten up your drums – giving them more punch, power, and warmth. In this article, you will get five valuable tips on how to make fatter drums – every time. Just follow the tips...

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Guide: Humanizing MIDI Drums in Ableton (3 Essential Factors)

Want to humanize your MIDI drums? Computers are robotic. That includes DAWs and programming your MIDI drums for your beats. When drawing out your drum notes into a perfect grid with maximum velocity, it can quickly become too perfect and boring. Why? Because it lacks life and a human’s touch. Luckily, humanizing MIDI drums in Ableton is easy. And in this article, we will show you exactly how you can humanize your drums in three simple steps. But first, let’s dive in to understand what humanizing drums mean. What Does Humanizing Drums Mean? Humanizing your MIDI drums means taking digitally...

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Music Production: How To Layer Leads (In 5 Easy Steps)

Want to make a fuller, fatter lead sound? Then you need to learn how to layer leads. Layering your lead sound is a must-know technique that serves electronic music producers well. Once you know the process behind it, you can make all your lead sounds shine by enriching missing qualities and frequencies or making mind-bending harmonies that makes your listeners crave more. This article will teach you the five steps on how to layer your leads properly. You will also learn why to layer leads in the first place. Let’s dive into and look at the 'why.' Why Layer Leads? Layering leads...

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Music Theory: Circle Of Fifths (Explained)

What is the circle of fifths, and how do you use it? If you’re a music producer or went to music classes in school, you’ve probably heard about the circle of fifths. You have maybe even seen pictures of a wheel outlining all the different notes. Click here to learn everything you need in Music Theory.  When you look at first glance, the circle of fifths may seem complicated. But trust me, it's a lot simpler than it looks. In this article, you will learn how to use the circle of fifths in your music production. You will also learn how to...

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Guide: How To Become A Music Producer (2021)

Do you wonder how to become a music producer? Everyone loves music. It’s in our genes. When we hear a good beat, we start dancing or nodding our heads. Music excites us, helps us grieve, and can take us on sonic journeys transcending space and time – alone or dancing with others. The creative brain behind today’s modern electronic music is the music producer. If you want to create music for a living, this article will answer many of your questions. Let’s start with a brief explanation of what a music producer is before continuing with how you can start...

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