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This Producer is Unstoppable

Maybe you’ve watched one of our Ableton tutorials made by Francois, maybe you’ve gone through a Sound Pack designed by Tom, maybe you’ve learned some vocal processing tricks on a vocal sung by Alex.  It’s also very likely that you’ve seen a short Instagram video produced by Max. Max? Yes Max!  We would like to introduce our new PML team member! Max is responsible for most of the helpful video tips on Instagram. Max was a PML follower for a long time. He's incredibly talented and productive!  He just moved to another country to come work with us. We are happy and...

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4 Creativity Boosting Morning Routines For Music Producers

  Morning routines are an essential way to set yourself up for success. It's especially true for music producers, a job that requires you to be self-motivated, creative, business-minded, and focused all at once.   How are your habits?   Take time to notice how you spend your time when you are not in front of your DAW. It affects your creativity more than you would think. If you dream of having a career as a music producer, know that it will take more than just a lot of practice in front of Ableton. Just like a professional athlete's entire...

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Analog Vibes Chords - Sound Design Tutorial in the Style of Anjunadeep

Melodic Techno Sound Design with Wavetable. In this video above, we are creating "Analog Vibes" Chords in the Style of Ben Bohmer - Vale (Anjunadeep) using only Ableton Live Wavetable and stock effects.  This type of sound can be used for a all types of tracks in the genres around Melodic Deep, Melodic Techno, Melodic House and to achieve a sound similar to artists like Rodriguez Jr., Stephan Bodzin, Einmusik, Ben Böhmer among others. Time Codes for the Video: 00:00 Final Result 00:35 Intro 01:00 Getting started 01:17 Selecting Oscillators 03:18 Filter 04:20 Adding Filter Modulation 06:30 Adding Pitch Modulation 11:30...

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Inside The Studio: Attila Hanak's Spaceship Studio "The Sixteenth Bar"

Have you ever seen a spaceship? Neither have I (well, in real life), but I imagine one must look like our very own Attila Hanak's studio "The Sixteenth Bar" in Toronto. The Mind Behind Push 2 Masterclass Attila is the creator of our best-selling Push 2 Masterclass, where he teaches you how to take full advantage of Ableton with the midi controller "Push 2". The new must-have workflow enhancer from Ableton themselves. If you want to start creating music by real feel rather than robotically programming everything with your mouse, check out great the midi-controller Ableton Push now. Attila originally...

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Ableton Live 10 - Sidechain Rack (Boots and Cats)

Side Chain Hack Ableton Live 10 In this video, Guido is showing a creative Sidechain Tool in Ableton Live & Max for Live - You can download it for free below and then follow along this video. Get the Ableton Mastering Chain from this video: Download Sidechain Tool (Boots and Cats rack) (via free downloads)   Learn more about our Mastering Courses with Guido: Course: Mastering from Start To Finish Course: Mastering A Track With The Best Plugins Course: Mixing and Mastering Melodic Techno Course: Mixing and Mastering Future Bass   Keywords: Free Side Chain Tool for Ableton Live 10, Free Mastering Rack for...

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