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Beginner Tutorial: Xfer Records Serum (Synth)

  The Serum synth from Xfer Records is a complete game-changer for advanced sound design. But how do you take advantage of all its controls and use Serum in the best possible way? In this Serum beginner tutorial, you will learn: The different views of Serum What the settings, buttons, and knobs do How you can customize Serum Tips and tricks Check out: Learn Sound Design With Serum Have you installed your Serum VST already? Perfect. Let’s start this beginners tutorial with an explanation of the Serum main view… Main View: Create Your Sound Your sound creation starts here. When you...

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Downloads for: How To Create A Melodic House Loop [Beginners Tutorial] in the Style of Ben Böhmer

  Full tutorial on our new YouTube Channel "Ableton Tips".  Download the samples here (free): >>> Download Samples - zip folder, 3 MB, direct download No E-Mail needed. Just zipped Samples.    In this video, we are making a Melodic House Loop completely from scratch in Ableton Live 11. We are only using Ableton built-in instruments and effects (no 3rd party plugins). Have fun exploring Ableton Live 11 together with Jules / Bound To Divide.    Do you want to produce music like Ben and set up your own live sets? Then check the links below! -------------------- Produce like Ben Böhmer  Check out the all...

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Musical Modes and their Emotions & Characteristics (for EDM)

Musical modes and their characteristics or emotions help us set certain moods for our tracks. In modern electronic music, this can be extremely helpful to create a very specific vibe in your tracks. Modes can also help you add an unexpected flair to your melody and songwriting. Musical modes can be divided by their tonalities: Major, Minor, and Diminished (locrian mode). Ableton Live 11 has a nice new scale feature which also allows you to highlight modes. Here's a quick list of modes and emotions to chose from:   Ionian Mode (common major scale): - Bright, Joyful, Stable - example: Chainsmokers - Closer   Dorian Mode (m): -...

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10 Best Reverb Plugins (2021)

A reverb plugin is a vital part of professional mixing. It's the effects that give your sounds space, depth, and a richness that’s hard to recreate. But not all reverb plugins are made alike. That's why we want to introduce you to the best reverb plugins you can find in 2021. This article will walk you through the ten best reverb VST plugins, ranging from the best hall reverb to algorithmic reverbs and beyond. Want to learn how to mix and master your music today? Click here. Let's start with our first pick, the FabFilter Pro-R… 1. FabFilter Pro-R FabFilter is...

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The 7 Best Free Kontakt Libraries 2021

    In this list you'll find the best free kontakt libraries. You can find the links to the libraries below: [Orchestra] The Free Orchestra from Project Sam Includes a lot of highly professional, extremely good sounds for scoring, as well as for orchestral parts in various genres. Probably the most professional free orchestral library out there. A very useful freebie. Download The Free Orchestra from Project Sam [Orchestra] The Alpine Project A collection of instruments made from public domain samples. Very useful strings, brass and woodwinds sections. Download The Orchestra From The Alpine Project [Piano] Amore Grand Piano from Precisionsound...

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