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"Father Ocean" Style of Ben Böhmer, Monolink | Melodic House in Ableton

In Episode 016 of Producer Notes with Francois PML, we asking "How to Ben Böhmer in Ableton" and we are analysing the Melodic House style of Ben Böhmer's remix for Monolink "Father Ocean".

Watch and see what we can learn from this style sitting somewhere between Deep House, Progressive House and Melodic House.

The key lessons from this episode are:

  • Main elements of this sound:
  • Round kick (warm round kicks)
  • Low toms
  • Sustained pitched moog bass (Glides in leads ’n arps, bass - add lots of “feeling” to sounds)
  • “Horn-style” pads
  • Fast Mono plucks 
  • Long dreamy, pitched glide lead synth (serum here, Ben often uses diva)
  • CHORDS Often 2 chord tracks (more freedom, sometimes 3 chords)
  • Main arp for melody (noisy parts in plucks) / (ben likes DIVA) Organic feels through velocities.
  • Often: short vocal “Shots” 
  • Drums: rather organic, natural feel
  • Shakers, Hats (stereo in hats (ran-pan))
  • Rides & organic white noise
  • Snappy clap (or long layered clap with reverb tail (in his live sets))
  • FX “groovy, zappy, glitchy” elements
  • For ear candy: Resampling own projects 


Referenced in this video:

🗳 Ableton Project File from this video (Part of Ben Böhmer Pack)
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🎓 Ben Böhmer Masterclass
📦 Everything Bundle
🎛️ Serum Presets "Feelings" - including main sounds from Father Ocean remake


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