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We are currently looking for producers able to help us create audio+video content for our Instagram channel(s) - take a look at the recent video posts. If you're able to produce such little videos, please feel free to get in touch (and send some examples of your work):

  • Instagram Audio / Video Producer (Ableton, FL Studio) - Freelance, work from home

Application Form


Also, we are currently looking for Front-End Developers (HTML, CSS, JS,..) for our website. Have you been creating product / landing pages in the past? Feel free to get in touch.

  • Front-End Developer (HTML, CSS, JS, ....) - Freelance, work from home

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Initiative: In general: We're always looking for great creators (mostly freelance) to help out in the following areas:

  • Sound Designer (Diva, Arturia, Serum, Massive and/or Sample production)
  • "Tutorial Guy" (native English preferred)
  • Copywriter / blog posts
  • Graphic designer (for Instagram, Youtube, Facebook)
  • Video editor


Feel free to contact us with an application through this form:

Application Form


  • We might not always be able to reply to all applications individually
  • You can work from anywhere (we are located in southern Germany (Freiburg)).
  • These are freelance roles with potential of becoming a full-time roles.
  • Great experience/skill in the respective fields is a must!


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