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Ableton Tutorial - Boris Brejcha Track from Start To Finish

Learn how to produce for labels like FCKNG SERIOUS

In this course, we are going to produce a complete track in the style of Boris Brejcha for the Fckng Serious label. We are working from start to finish, only using Ableton Live + Massive. Just like Boris Brejcha himself, we are calling this style "High Tech Minimal Techno".


>>> GO TO Course: High Tech Minimal Track from Start To Finish in Ableton


What you are getting:

✓ A complete start-to-finish production course, watch all tutorials at your own pace, as many times as you want and then use the techniques for your own music.

✓ 25+ Studio sessions with Joao / PML

✓ 6h+ online video sessions with lifetime-access

 Bonus: Ableton Project File created in this course (using Ableton Live 9.7.7 Standard (or higher) + NI Massive) and all samples used are included as well.

How is this course structured?

Part 1: Setup & Introduction

In this part we are setting up Ableton, downloading the files, talking about the general workflow and getting started.​

Part 2: Building the basics (Arrangement View)

In this part we are starting with the production of a drum pattern, adding kicks, claps, high hats and other percussion elements. We then tweak those sounds to taste and add effects to make them sit nicely together. We're also adding the first instruments, bass sounds, stabs, pads and arp​eggios. Then, we're designing effects to support the general atmosphere of the track.

Part 3: Putting it together

This part is focussed on the song arrangement. We are discussing how to set up a typical club arrangement, where to add tiny and longer break parts, how to develop tension ​and when and how to release it. We're producing intro and build-up parts, the arrangement towards our main drop and the developments after the main drop as well as the outro.

Part 4: Working on transitions

This section is focussed on fine-tuning the arrangement, we are trying to get our transitions as natural and smooth as possible, making use of lots of tricks and effects along the way.​

Part 5: Finalizing - Mixing and Mastering

In this finalizing part we are cleaning up our project to prepare it for our mixing stage. The mixing stage is one of the most important steps before mastering, so we are trying to get everything as clean and well organized as possible. We are talking about different mixing techniques in this part too. Then we are entering the mastering stage, setting up a complete mastering chain using only Ableton built-in effects and discussing why we are choosing the elements in that way. ​


Learn more about the course here:

>>> GO TO Course: High Tech Minimal Track from Start To Finish in Ableton



Keywords: Track in the style of Boris Brejcha from Start To Finish with Ableton.

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