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Making a Track from Start to Finish (in Session View)

Making a Track in Ableton Live 10 In this video, Francois is making a beat from Start to Finish in Session View in Ableton. He's building everything from scratch and also shows how to use a few different 3rd party VST instruments for sound shaping.  Time Codes: 00:00 Playback and comparing synths 00:49 Introduction03:54 Getting started with Chord Progression06:15 Tweaking the sound09:50 Adding an Arpeggio15:00 Adding a Custom Arpeggio21:00 Adding the Bass25:52 Adding Drums26:06 Kick27:06 Low Clap28:07 Hihat32:00 Hihat -> Arpeggio Sidechaining33:55 Hihat Loop35:50 Beat done36:00 Making a simple master39:10 Comparing Wavetable, Operator, Diva, Serum, The Legend44:11 Playing everything      Learn...

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8 Best Free VST Plugins (2020)

  New year, new me. Or as a producer like you would say, new year – let's make some music.   What better way to kick start your studio prosperous 2020, than with some free plugins? Compiled below are the best plugins of this year, to help you create the next club-ready hit.   1. A1StereoControl   It's always nice to have full control over your stereo field. Especially when it's with a smooth, free, and powerful plugin, like A1StereoControl.   Crafted by Alex Hilton from Germany, this lightweight beast of a stereo expansion plugin has enough control to satisfy...

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4 Secret Tips To Next-Level Drums

  At some point (maybe recently), you've probably listened to your newly built drum loop on repeat, and thought to yourself: "why does it sound so boring?".If this is you, I've got good news. What makes your drum loop sound boring is not necessarily your production skills or choice of drum sounds. More often than not, it's down missing one of the tips we're going to outline in the article below.More often than not, the drums are what can make or break your track. And it's often the small things that make a big difference. If you've chosen great sounds...

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Project Files: 5 Ways They Make You A Better Producer

  Investing in yourself is the most important thing you can do as a producer. Workshops, masterclasses, and tutorials are all incredible ways to take your sound to the next level. But many producers do not know that there is something else that can elevate your skills faster than any of these: Project Files.    Project Files offer a wealth of resources for producers to cash in on, as long as they know what to look for. They provide producers of any level incredible drum loops, songwriting lessons, and even new instruments. Genre-specific Project Files can be a one-stop-shop for...

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This Producer is Unstoppable

Maybe you’ve watched one of our Ableton tutorials made by Francois, maybe you’ve gone through a Sound Pack designed by Tom, maybe you’ve learned some vocal processing tricks on a vocal sung by Alex.  It’s also very likely that you’ve seen a short Instagram video produced by Max. Max? Yes Max!  We would like to introduce our new PML team member! Max is responsible for most of the helpful video tips on Instagram. Max was a PML follower for a long time. He's incredibly talented and productive!  He just moved to another country to come work with us. We are happy and...

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