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3 Best Glitch VST Plugins (2021)

Get glitchy with these three best glitch VST plugins of 2021. Sometimes, we want a little something extra in our sounds and mixes. It could be for rhythmic purposes or to add a flare of something new, interesting, and surprising. In this article, we’ve compiled the three best glitch VST plugins you can find. And trust us, with either of these three in your arsenal, you won’t need anything else. Without further ado, let’s dive in with our first choice – the famous Effectrix. 1. Effectrix (by Sugar Bytes) If you're looking for a glitch VST plugin that does everything...

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6 Best VST Synths For Complete Beginners (2021)

  What are the best VST synths for beginners? That’s a great question to ask when you’re new to making music. While jumping into the first synthesizer plugin you see might seem like a great plan, it can be discouraging when not knowing what to do with all the controls and settings... Yup, it's true. Synthesizers come with a lot of different settings, knobs, and dials. With oscillators, filters, effects, LFOs, and other modulation parameters, and much more... where do you even start? Don't worry. This article will show you the six best VST synths and synth bundles for complete...

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The Great Question: What Do Music Producers Do All Day?

What on earth do music producers do all day? "They make music, right?" A seemingly obvious question, with an answer that might surprise you... While Instagram might tell you a music producer sits in their spaceship-looking studio all day exploring sonic possibilities, there’s a lot that goes into being a modern-day music producer. But before exploring what music producers do, let’s look at what goes into music production to answer this question a bit clearer. Is music production a skill? Yes, music production is a skill. Or rather, it’s a combination of multiple skills... A lot of expertise in a wide...

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Professional Guide: How To Build A Home Studio (Interview With Attila Hanak)

  Building a home studio can be as simple as putting a laptop on a table and plugging in a pair of monitoring headphones. But it can also be a tremendously advanced process and long journey — sometimes spanning over several years. If you're looking for someone with hands-on experience in building amazing home studios, it's Toronto-based producer, modular wizard, PML tutor and dream home studio creator Attila Hanak. In a previous interview with him, where he gives us a tour around his studio The Sixteenth Bar, he gave us some insight into his most beloved synths, thoughts on his studio and...

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8 Best Synth VST Plugins (2021)

Which synth VST plugin is the best one in 2021? That's a great question – one we will answer in this comprehensive list of the eight best software synths this year. Without further ado, let's dive into our first choice in our list – Diva, by u-He. 1. Diva (by u-He) The legendary Diva synth by u-He is a must-have for all electronic producers. If you didn’t know, Diva stands for Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analogue synthesizer (I’m not kidding). That description sums up this great synth pretty well. Diva beautifully simulates the noisy, warm, and beautiful sounds of retro synthesizers –...

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