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Q&A Interview with Emanuel Satie - Techno/House Producer (Instagram Takeover)

We recently had our Instagram @ProductionMusicLive taken over by our fellow Techno/House producer Emanuel Satie. For a day, we got to follow him around Istanbul before playing an insane set on the huge venue Zorlu PSM. If you want the full experience, check out our Instagram and watch our saved stories. He answered a lot of questions for you producers who are just starting out, and gave some great tips on hardware and best starting DAW. Let's get started... What's your best advice for producers who are just starting out? Don't focus on quick success. Focus on learning your craft...

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Percussions with Resonator in the Style of Anjunadeep

In this video, we are producing percussion loops and drums in the Style of Ben Böhmer - Vale (Anjunadeep) using only Ableton Live 10 stock effects and instruments.  We are setting up our own drum groove using sounds from Ableton and then we are applying Resonator processing on top of the entire percussions group. We are using the Resonator setting "Berlin" to achieve our sound.   Full Course on How To Make THIS Track: Course: Melodic House Track from Start To Finish   Keywords: How to Ben Böhmer, Melodies and Chords in the style of Ben Böhmer from Anjunadeep /...

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In the Style of Anjunadeep / Ben Böhmer - Writing Session

Writing Music

In this video, we are making a track in the Style of Ben Böhmer - Vale (Anjunadeep) using only Ableton Live 10 stock effects and instruments. This is Melodic House Writing Session (#5) with Francois. We are re-writing the track in E-Minor and having a walk through the elements of the track as well as some general thoughts on Arrangement, Groove and Harmonies. Timecodes for the video: 00:00 Example 00:34 Intro 02:00 Chords & Bass 08:00 Arpeggios / Plucks 12:00 Free Library by Taqsim 14:00 SAW Chords 15:45 Percussion Loop 19:15 Hihats 20:15 Duduk (free instrument by taqsim) 20:30 Longer...

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4 Easy Steps To Finishing Your Tracks Now

  Are you struggling with finishing your tracks? Do you have a habit of getting tired of your track half-way through, putting it to rest in your unfinished project graveyard? You’re not alone. This is a destructive habit many producers get in to, and many assume this is just the way it is. But don’t worry, there are four very simple steps you can take to finally start finishing your tracks. It’s just a matter of discipline, letting go of control and enjoying yourself more. Doesn't sound too bad, does it? Finishing tracks is easy, once you enter the right...

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9 Best VST Plugins for Mixing Bass

What is the best plugin for mixing bass? And what plugins do you even need to properly mix bass? In this article, we’ve compiled 9 of the best VST plugins bass mixing, covering everything you’ll ever need for mixing floor-shaking bass. From subharmonic generators to multiband compressors and saturators. Having these plugins in your arsenal is the key to taking your bass mixing from average to bone-shakingly boombastic. Why Analog and Bass Works Most of the plugins in our list are analog modeled. Why? Because it sounds amazing on bass. Analog color and saturation work wonder on lower frequencies, literally...

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