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PML Everything Bundle 2023 - Collector's Edition - Take A Look Inside

In this video, Francois from PML quickly goes trough the different components of the PML Everything Bundle 2023, explains the difference to the Year Edition and how to organise the files on your computer.

Here's a quick timeline of the video:

00:00 Welcome
00:18 PML Academy
00:28 Download the Sounds
00:47 Difference between Collector's and Year Edition
01:10 New PML Academies (Melodic Techno & Melodic House)
03:30 MIDI Packs
03:46 Preset Packs
04:25 Project Files
05:35 Style Guides
07:00 Artist Packs
07:00 Sample Packs (more than 20.000 Samples)

Go to: PML Everything Bundle 23 - Collector's Edition



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