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How to Learn EDM & Progressive House Production

In this article we'll discuss the best way to learn EDM and Progressive House production. Let's get started!


The electronic music scene has witnessed the undeniable dominance of EDM and Progressive House. Festivals like Tomorrowland, EDC and Ultra Music Festival attract millions of fans every year. EDM & Progressive House labels like Spinnin’ Records, Armada Music and Ultra Records release some of the biggest electronic music artists - Tiesto, Afrojack, Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Armin Van Buuren and Don Diablo.

Learning EDM production is an incredible journey, but producers need to face plenty of challenges on the way. Aspects of EDM like sound design, mixing or writing memorable hooks can take years to learn. It can be incredibly frustrating to fail at creating professional sounding, catchy and unique tracks.

Much of that frustration can be avoided with proper guidance - but where do you start looking for resources to learn EDM production?

You might try watching different YouTube tutorials - while these are great for learning valuable insights, they often focus on specific aspects of production, leaving gaps in your knowledge about the entire process. Analyzing EDM project files is another great idea - but this alone won’t get you very far. In order to fully get started with EDM production, you will most likely also need to purchase sample packs, preset packs, or even MIDI sets.

At Production Music Live, we saw that the journey towards EDM mastery is overly complicated. That’s why we made Ultra: Progressive House & EDM Bundle - to give producers all the necessary education and resources in one place, enabling them to get professional results.



The Ultra Bundle gives you everything you need to get started - it’s a huge set of education materials, project files, samples, presets and MIDIs. With Ultra, beginners can find out how to get started with producing EDM, while more advanced producers will deepen their knowledge and move closer to mastery.

The heart of this bundle lies in its 11+ Ableton project files - a fully editable album. It’s a launching pad for your next EDM production. These templates are carefully crafted to kickstart your creative process and offer valuable insights into the arrangement, structure, and sound design of EDM tracks.

In the included Course Tutorial, Francois, a seasoned music producer and founder of PML, takes you on a journey through the creation of an EDM track. He shares lots of tips and tricks about sound selection, writing MIDI patterns, sound design, mixing and mastering.

But that’s just the start!


EDM’s powerful sound often relies on captivating synth patches. The Ultra Bundle includes a preset pack for Xfer Serum, containing over 105 sounds. These presets are a gateway to crafting intricate and infectious EDM melodies and basslines. From earth-shaking bass patches to huge leads, it’s a treasure trove that fuels your creative fire. We even included an additional pack of 120+ MIDI files, so you can have complete creative freedom to experiment and innovate.

Ultra: Progressive House & EDM Bundle also includes over 150 samples - loops, drum one-shots, synths and effects, tailor-made for EDM. These sounds are ready to use and royalty-free, making them the perfect building blocks for your tracks. This incredibly inspiring set of samples is a perfect start for creating your own tracks.


The Ultra Bundle is more than a collection of resources - it's your definitive guide to making remarkable EDM tracks.


With Francois as your guide and a treasure trove of templates, samples, presets and MIDI files at your fingertips, you have the tools you need to unlock the infectious groove and energy that defines EDM and Progressive House.

Dive into the world of music production, armed with the knowledge and sounds you need to succeed. Elevate your sound and start crafting those unforgettable EDM anthems today. 


Learn to write memorable hooks like Martin Garrix.

Create insane, unique synth sounds like Don Diablo.

Mix and master your tracks to the level of labels like Spinnin’ Records.

Are you ready to make EDM and Progressive House? 
Check out the Ultra Bundle today!

Ultra: Progressive House EDM Bundle

Ultra: Progressive House EDM Bundle

Take your EDM tracks to the next level today.

Dive into the electrifying world of EDM and Progressive House with our incredible and extensive selection of groundbreaking sounds. Inspired by the sound of artists like Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, TV Noise and many more.

We've encapsulated the essence of this ever-evolving genre with a fully editable album of completely arranged educational Ableton Project Files.

Includes an expertly crafted Serum Preset Pack elevates your sound design, from powerful basslines to gnarly leads. Skyrocket your creativity with versatile MIDI files and song starters.

Access handpicked One-Shots and Loops. Club-tested drums at your fingertips.

What You Are Getting:

  • 11+ inspiring Ableton Project Files - a fully editable ALBUM
  • 1.5h Course Tutorial - Production Techniques of EDM, Progressive House
  • 105+ Serum Presets: 29 Bass, 12 FX, 28 Lead, 11 Pads, 14 Plucks, 4 Chords n Stabs, 8 Arps & 105+ dedicated Midi Files
  • Sample Pack with 150+ Samples (drum one shots, loops, atmos, synths, fx)
  • 120+ MIDI files in a MIDI Pack

Click here to learn more about the Ultra Bundle.

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