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How to Make Techno Tracks in Ableton Live

In this article we will discuss the top approach to learning modern techno music production. Let’s dive in!

The appeal of modern techno lies in its pulsating and hypnotic sound. The incredibly powerful subs and thumping kicks interplay with the repetitive, aggressive and dark sounding synth patterns. The source of the underground techno sound can be traced back to world-renowned clubs such as Berghain and Tresor (Berlin) and Fabric (London). Labels dedicated to this genre, like Drumcode, Klockworks and Ostgut Ton, showcase talent such as Amelie Lens, Ben Klock and Adam Beyer.

Learning techno production is an incredible journey, but producers need to face plenty of challenges on the way. Learning to write entrancing MIDI patterns or to design powerful techno synth sounds can take years. It can also be incredibly frustrating to fail at mixing and mastering tracks to a professional level.

Much of that frustration can be avoided with proper guidance - but where do you start looking for resources to learn techno production?



You might try watching different YouTube tutorials - while these are great for learning valuable insights, they often focus on specific aspects of production, leaving gaps in your knowledge about the entire process. Analyzing techno project files is another great idea - but to fully get started with techno production, you will most likely also need to get additional sample packs, synth preset packs, or even MIDI sets.

At Production Music Live, we saw that the journey towards techno mastery is overly complicated. That’s why we made Overdrive: Techno Production Pack - to give producers all the necessary resources in one place, enabling them to get professional results.


The Overdrive Pack gives you everything you need to get started - it’s a huge set of education materials, project files, samples, presets and MIDIs. With Overdrive, beginners can find out how to get started with producing techno, while more advanced producers will deepen their knowledge and move closer to mastery.

One of the top ways of learning genre-specific techniques is analysing project files. With Overdrive, you get access to an full album's worth of educational Ableton templates. These projects are fully arranged tracks, ready to jumpstart your creativity. They can serve as song starters, or as a toolkit for picking processed low-end groups, full audio effect groups, and effect racks, saving you time and keeping your creativity flowing.

In Overdrive you will find an exclusive session with the founder of PML and seasoned music producer Francois, in which he shares valuable tricks and tips on low-end, rumbles, drumming, sound design, and effects processing. With over 2 hours of online tutorial sessions, you'll gain insights into the intricacies of techno production.


To fully empower techno producers, we included an entire treasure trove of handpicked one-shots and loops. With over 400 drum loops, one shots, bass loops, synths, atmos, and effects, you will always have plenty of club-tested modern techno samples at your fingertips.

Sound design is an incredibly important part of techno. That’s why Overdrive also includes 40+ Xfer Serum presets, allowing you to craft intricate and infectious melodies and basslines. Fuel your creative fire with this selection of plucks, leads, FX, pads, and bass loops.

The Techno Production Pack is your gateway to crafting mind-bending productions that embrace the modern techno sound.


Inspired by the likes of Heerhorst, Space 92, Amelie Lens, Enrico Sangiuliano, and Charlotte de Witte, this bundle equips you with the tools to produce techno in a range from 124 to 145 BPM.

With Francois as your guide and a treasure trove of templates, samples, presets and MIDI files at your fingertips, you have the tools you need to unlock the infectious groove and energy that defines modern techno.

Dive into the world of music production, armed with the knowledge and sounds you need to succeed. Elevate your sound and start crafting those unforgettable techno anthems today.

Create hypnotic synth sounds like Ben Klock.

Learn to make huge kick and bass patterns like Amelie Lens.

Mix and master your tracks to the level of labels like Drumcode.

Are you ready to make modern techno?
Check out the Overdrive Pack today!


Professional Techno Production Kit

Techno Production Pack - Overdrive

Take your techno productions to the next level today.

With an album worth of educational Ableton Techno templates, samples, Serum Presets, and MIDI, this sound pack includes everything you need to jump start your next track.

About this Sound Pack:

Dive deep into the world of techno low end production, groove and sound design with an album worth of fully editable Ableton templates.

In a 2h+ online course, PML Tutor Francois shares valuable tricks and tips on low-end, rumbles, drumming, sound design and effects processing to build up tension.

Elevate the rhythm of your tracks with a sample pack treasure trove of handpicked one-shots and loops, offering club-tested drums at your fingertips.

What You Are Getting:

  • 2h+ Course: Techno Production Techniques & Track Breakdowns (incl. Ableton Projects)
  • 10+ inspiring Ableton Project Files (A complete album of fully arranged tracks)
  • Sample Pack incl. more than 400+ drum loops, one shots, bass loops, synths, atmos, fx & 15+ MIDI files for Atmos and Drones
  • 40+ Serum Presets

Click here to learn about this Techno Production Pack.

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