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Producer Notes: Anyma Eternity Style of a "Classic" Melodic Techno | Track Breakdown

Session 9 of the new YouTube Series with Francois PML called "Producer Notes". Episode 009 analyses and breaks down the style of DJ/Producer Anyma. Specifically looking at the massive Melodic Techno Afterlife main stage festival sound of his track "Eternity".

The key lessons from this episode are:

  • LEAD: The trippy lead is combined out of automating: pitching (over time), detuning, chorus, flanger and phaser effects
  • Bass: The bass layer has combinations of different clean bass stabs, donks and plucks for interesting movement
  • General Arrangement: This style is not too busy or overloaded with sounds, clean structure for main stages
  • Melodies/Themes: Very clean “Call / Response” setups


Referenced in this video:

🗳 Ableton Project File from this video (Part of Melodic Techno Pack)
📦 Everything Bundle
🎹 Music Theory for Melodic Techno & House


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