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Producer Notes: Stephan Jolk | Melodic Techno Main Stage Style in Ableton

This is session 11 of the YouTube Series with Francois PML called "Producer Notes". In Episode 011 we're analysing the early Melodic Techno style of Afterlife artist "Stephan Jolk".

Watch and see what we can learn from this style sitting somewhere between Melodic Techno and Melodic House.

The key lessons from this episode are:

  • Harmony: Mysterious, Dramatic, playing the root C#min
  • Pads: Movement through tremolo, vibrato, lfo fx, makes them sound more interesting, Vocal pads on top for “sacred choir feel”
  • Drumming: rather deep, not too focussed on high frequencies
  • Kick, Bass: pretty groovy, but “tricking” a slight rumble below everything. Especially needed in the intro, results in a great and deep groovy drum bass combo!
  • Synths: Choose your lead synth based on the “warmth” of sound you’re looking for
  • Drones, Atmos: Drone and atmo sounds for “mystery feel”


Referenced in this video:

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🎙 Vocals Vol.1 Sample Pack
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