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Chords and Melody Writing Session #4 - Progressive House / EDM in D-Minor

Ableton Live Chord Progressions Chords EDM Future Bass Music Theory Writing Music

  In this tutorial, Francois is writing chords in the F-Minor scale shooting trying to achieve a rather dramatic and full sounding chord progression on an 8-voices and detuned saw lead sound. Listen in! Feel free to take a look at our MIDI packs:   MIDI Pack   Learn more about our Harmony and Chords: Course: Harmony & Chord Progressions        Keywords: EDM, Progressive House Chords, Future Bass Chords, Martin Garrix Chords, Avicii Chords, style track with ableton live, drums with ableton live, remix ableton project file, edit, starting with ableton live, starting out with ableton live.

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The 19 best Ableton Drum Programming Tutorials - Update 2018

Ableton Live Deep House Drum Programming EDM Music Production Techno

Here's a list of our Youtube Drum Programming tutorials for Ableton Live: 0. Drum Programming Session - Berlin Melodic Techno Style 1. How to Make EDM Drums in Ableton 2. How to Make House Drums in Ableton [Beginners Tutorial] 3. How to Make Trap Drums in Ableton [Beginners Tutorial] 4. (Producing Session) Deep House Drum Loop From Scratch - Beat Programming 5. How To Produce a Tchami Style Future House Track in Ableton - Part 1: Drums 6. Future Bass Coyote Kisses Revive Tutorial Ableton Massive - Part 2: Drums & Bass 7. Producing Trap Beats in Ableton Only - Walkthrough Tutorial Diplo Chill 8. Ableton...

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Basics of Ghost Production


Being a master of everything is highly unlikely and lays the base for working together with others. Producers aren’t necessarily always willing to become DJs, but maybe DJs dream of being producers as well. There are many possible motivations for it, but in the end, the DJ who’s also releasing popular tunes will get more popularity, bookings, fame, money.    Whether you’re coming from the DJing side or you're completely new to music production, it will be quite difficult and confusing in the beginning. You might experience those early on boosts, like, getting your first drum pattern into the daw...

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Producing Progressive House / EDM like C.Harris Alesso in Ableton

Ableton EDM Massive Progressive House Remake

We worked out a new tutorial showing you how to make the sound of Avicii, Calvin Harris, Alesso and others with Ableton Live. We used Ableton Live 9 Suite, Massive 1.3.xx, Sylenth1 and the ableton pack "The Grand Piano".     Tutorial:   If you'd like to use this project file, you can grab it right here:   Audio preview of the full project:     Keywords: Ableton Live Template, .als file download, free .als midi files download, ableton alp free download, massive vst progressive house edm presets free download, zipped ableton file zippy, Alesso Style Template, Calvin Harris Style...

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