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Creating great effects for DJing with "Multiband splitting"

Creativity DJing

Creating awesome DJing effects using Ableton Live and Multiband Compression Splitting. We are splitting out signal in 3 bands - each receiving the input signal and processing its range until everything gets summed afterwards. Now we can apply insert effects to the single bands. Watch tutorial:

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Basics of Ghost Production


Being a master of everything is highly unlikely and lays the base for working together with others. Producers aren’t necessarily always willing to become DJs, but maybe DJs dream of being producers as well. There are many possible motivations for it, but in the end, the DJ who’s also releasing popular tunes will get more popularity, bookings, fame, money.    Whether you’re coming from the DJing side or you're completely new to music production, it will be quite difficult and confusing in the beginning. You might experience those early on boosts, like, getting your first drum pattern into the daw...

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Day-By-Day Q&A

Ableton DJing Q&A

Here we're sharing some of our day by day questions, mostly the ones getting quick basic answers, notepad style:      Same Volume Level of tracks while DJing Q: Hey guys, im really digging your dj template for live i got it to add some of those features to my live template but im really struggling with one thing that i thought you guys could help me out with. I been looking everywhere to find a way to make like a auto gain kind of things to get my tracks to be all at the same volume level? Do you...

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