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List of Future Bass Tutorials for Ableton Live

Future Bass Tutorials Ableton Live


Here's a list of our youtube Future Bass tutorials for Ableton Live. Signature sound remakes for artists like Flume, The Chainsmokers, Grant Bowtie, San Holo, Drum Programming and sound design tutorials, there's a bit of everything inside. If you're looking to learn how to make a Future Bass track from start to finish like a pro, check out our full online course: Producing a Future Bass Track From Start To Finish


List of Tutorials:

  1. Chainsmokers Don't let me Down Style with Ableton & Massive - Drop Tutorial (Illenium Version)
  2. Future Bass Melody Vocal Chop - Ableton Tutorial (San Holo, Diplo, Jack Ü Styled)
  3. Future Bass Drop From Scratch - Ableton Live, Massive, Beginners (San Holo, Louis The Child Style)
  4. Odesza Future Bass Style Ableton & Massive Remake Tutorial - Lost & Found Remix
  5. San Holo Future/Trap Style - Ableton & Massive - Tutorial
  6. Flume Gliding Synth Pad Style - Massive Sound Design Tennis Court
  7. Future Bass Tutorial - Part 1: Vocal Chopping and Basics (Coyote Kisses Revive, Ableton Massive)
  8. Future Bass Coyote Kisses Revive Tutorial Ableton Massive - Part 2: Drums & Bass
  9. Future Bass Coyote Kisses Revive Tutorial Ableton Massive - Part 3: Instruments & Future Bass Groove
  10. Future Bass Coyote Kisses, What So Not Style Tutorial Ableton Massive - Part 4: Playthrough
  11. Massive Tutorial - What So Not - Touched Synth - Flume Style
  12. Tape Start Effect for Chord Pitching in Ableton - Serum - Future Bass Saje Style
  13. Flume Synth Tennis Court - Massive Sound Design Tutorial Lorde
  14. Saje Future Bass Ableton & Serum - Tutorial
  15. (Producing Session) Making Future RnB / Bass Drum Beats in Ableton
  16. Hayden James Odesza Remix Styled Remake with Ableton & Massive only - Tutorial
  17. Future Bass Massive Vst Presets in Action - Song Ideas
  18. Making an OSHI type Beat with Ableton & Massive only - Tutorial
  19. Tutorial REMAKE Flume Disclosure You Me Flume Remix Ableton Live 9 Remaking Rebuilding
  20. Flume Synth Never Be Like You SERUM Vst - Tutorial Preset Sound Design
  21. Future Bass Fat Chord Synth Pad with Serum Vst - Sound Design from Scratch
  22. Future Bass Drums Like Flume Tutorial/Remake
  23. Flume, Odesza, Jauz, Mr Carmack, Saje - Future Bass Drums / Trap
  24. Future Bass Drop Lead with NI Massive Sound Design Tutorial Flume Holding On
  25. "Rhodes / E-Piano"-type Sound with Massive - Odesza Style - Sound Design
  26. Flume - Holding Style Ableton Template Playthrough
  27. Future Bass Pad like Flume with NI Massive Tutorial




YouTube Playlist: Future Bass Ableton Live Tutorials


Also available:

Future Bass Presets

Future Bass Templates

Full 5h+ Course: Future Bass Track From Start To Finish




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