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Flume Synth in 7 Steps with Sylenth1

Flume Synth with Sylenth1

Several interviews revealed Lennar Digital's Sylenth1 as Flume's go-to synth and source for many of his popular lead sounds. So we sat down to take a shot at recreating the sound of flume's lead synth in his remix for "Lorde - Tennis Court (Flume Remix)". We are working with Sylenth1 VST and dividing the sound design process into 7 steps:


    1. Saw Wave: We're using a saw wave in oscillator A1, taking 8 voices and pulling up detuning to create a full and spread-out sound.
    2. Square Wave 1: Oscillator A2 uses a pulse wave (square wave), with 3 voices and a bit less detuning than A1. A1 and A2 run into a 24db lowpass filter.
    3. Square Wave 2: In oscillator B1, we are using another pulse wave, set it to 4 voices, heavier detuning and play it 1 octave higher than everything else, we are bringing down the level quite substantially for this sound.
    4. Noise: In B2, we're adding a tiny bit of white noise, select 2 voices and bring the volume down to maximum 5%.
    5. Filter: Both oscillators A and B run into respective 24 db lowpass filters and will be controlled (or automated) by the main "Filter Control" knob.
    6. LFO We are adding in an LFO modulator for Cutoff A and B, setting it to a rate of 1/32 and pulling up the gain. The black rotary "application" knob gets slightly applied, resulting in a gently "vibrato" effect.
    7. Modulation Envelope on Filter: The modulation envelope on Cutoff A and B adds the final twist to the "Tennis Court" sound. Playing around with the black rotary knob results a that lush signature filter effect.


Preset pack including this sound: Sylenth1 - Future Essentials Preset Pack


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