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Remaking the Drop Style of Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down (Illenium Remix) using Ableton Live & Massive only

Let's go through some techniques helping you produce drops like "Don't Let Me Down" only using Massive and Ableton Live 9 Standard

What we used:

  • Ableton Live 9 Standard



  1. Constructing a powerful layered Future Bass chord synth within Massive - here we are creating two layers, one to focus on the mono power, the other one to accompany on the stereo sides.
  2. Making a solid trap bass plus a corresponding sub-bass in Massive which fits the main synth
  3. Creating heavy Future Bass Drums -  focussing especially on the sound of the snare - the sample should contain a tonal element
  4. Adding a reverbed "top lead" sound, creating more room.
  5. Adding vocal layers to "imitate" the missing vocal parts


More Info:

- Grab this Ableton Live & Massive project file

- Grab the Preset Pack: Massive Future Bass used in this template

- 4h+ Beginners course: Producing a TRACK from START TO FINISH

- 5h+ Intermediate course: Future Bass Track from START TO FINISH

Harmony and Chord Progressions Course

- Serum Presets: Future Bass  


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