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What's inside? Shuja's Home Studio

Home Studio Studio

German-italian DJ/Producer Shuja (facebook, soundcloud) has a nice home studio setup and even a comfortable second chair for possible collabs ;) Here's what gear he's mainly using:    DAW: Ableton Live 9   Hardware: Monitors / Speakers: Krk Rokit 6 Krk 12“ Subwoofer Roland A-500S Keyboard  Roland Quad Capture Interface Dbx Drive Rack Native Instruments Maschine Roland MC-808 Sampling Groovebox   Favorite plugins: Lennar Digital Sylenth1 Arturia Mini Moog     Keywords: Home Studio Setup, Shuja, JazzyFunk   More Resources: Check out our full 6h+ Course: Melodic Techno From Start To Finish with Ableton Live Professional Drum Samples: Deep Premium Vol. 1 Pro Massive Presets: Boiler...

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Take a look inside: Innervisions Studio Setup

Ableton Live 9 Music Production Studio

  What an amazing studio place and label environment Dixon, Frank Wiedemann (Âme) are working in, located in the center of Berlin, Germany. You can feel the creativity, good vibes, coziness and clear visions.    DAW: Ableton Live 9 "... when I started my live setup I completely switched, as Ableton is just more musical than Logic, more intuitive as well."     Selected Hardware: Memorymoog Roland Jupiter-4 Arp 2600 Ableton Push   Keywords: Ame, DJ Dixon, Frank Wiedemann, Henrik Schwarz, Innervisions, Howling, Âme Rej, Studio Setup

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Techno from Scratch in 80 Minutes with Johannes

Ableton Ableton Live 9 Studio

   In this 80 minute session, Berlin-based producer Johannes creates a straight forward Techno track from scratch using Ableton Live 9 and a handful of third-party plugins. After designing a dark driving drum pattern, he’s focussing on coming up with a club-ready arrangement layout.   Hey Johannes, thanks for sharing one of your sessions at PML! Feel free to introduce yourself.  I’m a techno producer based in Berlin. Influenced by the city and its nightlife I’m producing tracks between tech house, melodic techno and also deep and rough techno since 2014.   What are your main musical influences? I’m heavily...

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Whats inside: Joris Voorn Studio Setup

Ableton Live 9 Studio

  What a beautiful studio place Joris Voorn is working in. You can feel the good vibes and a clear vision. Here's what gear he's mainly using:    DAW: Ableton Live 9 VSTs/Plugins: Spectrasonics Omnisphere ValhallaDSP UAD Cambridge EQ Plugin NI Komplete 10 Ultimate Studio Monitors: Barefoot Sound MicroMain27 Gen2   Hardware: Clavia Nord Lead 2 Roland Juno-106  Dave Smith Prophet 6 Module Mixer: TL Audio M1 Tubetracker   Keywords: Joris Voorn Studio Setup

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DeadMau5 streams live from his awesome new studio

Ableton Ableton Live 9 Stream Studio

. In case you're looking for motivation or inspiration, take a look into the new studio of DeadMau5 and check out one of his live streams. So inspiring! .

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