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Drum Programming Session - Berlin Deep Techno Style

In this production session, we are going through the drum programming around a melodic deep / berlin techno style track with low reverbed kick elements, sub kicks, percussive elements, tonal clave's and driving shakers. You might be familiar with such a drumming from artists like Rodriguez Jr., Moderat and Djs/Producers from the Berlin Techno scene.


  • 02:00 Kick Part
  • 03:35 Reverb Kick
  • 07:13 Sub Kick
  • 09:34 808 Element (Side Chaining Technique)
  • 11:47 “Brk” Element
  • 13:40 Processing on Drums Group
  • 15:11 Claps
  • 15:53 Shakers
  • 18:53 Clave
  • 20:36 Percussive Element
  • 22:12 Tonal Clave Element 2
  • 22:29 Hihats
  • 24:10 Ride
  • 25:12 Info
  • 25:48 Playback


Resources / Files: 


Learn more about producing melodic techno:

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Keywords: melodic techno drum programming session ableton live, arturia mini v3, francois, techno production, sub 37, moog, berlin techno drums, berghain techno, boiler room style, ableton, pan-pot style drums

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