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Top 50+ Free Kontakt Libraries (2024) | Pianos, Orchestras, Drums, Guitars & More


Welcome to our ultimate Free Kontakt Libraries list! Here we've compiled over 50 amazing sounding instruments and bundles for you to download instantly. You'll be able to get amazing sampled instruments like pianos, drums and guitars. You can also find here amazing full orchestras. Towards the end you'll find awesome big bundles of instruments, as well as some more unusual and ambient instruments. Let's get started!


In the pianos section we have really great grands, an upright, as well as a rhodes. “Piano in 162” and “Amore Grand Piano” would be the top choices as for grand pianos. “Foundations Piano” and “The 88E” are also worth checking out. “MSLP Grand Piano Soft” is a really soft sounding instrument for intimate sounding music. Finally, we have the Rhodes “Street Bumper”.

[Piano] Piano in 162 from Ivy Audio

[Piano] Amore Grand Piano from Precisionsound

[Piano] MSLP Grand Piano Soft

[Piano] Skerratt London Upright Piano

[Piano] Foundations Piano by Heavyocity

[Piano] The 88E by Impact Soundworks

[E Piano] "Street Bumper" Electric Piano


Orchestral section

In the orchestral section we have a bunch of free orchestra bundles, as well as some strings, vibraphones, harps, choir and brass instruments. First of all, we have 4 orchestras, from which one of the most popular choice is the Alpine Project with its public domain samples. There’s also the “VSCO” Library and the two other choices: Project Sam and “Palette”. As for strings, we have 3 options: Violin, Box Violin and the Stroh Violin, all with different characteristics.

[Orchestra] The Free Orchestra from Project Sam

[Orchestra] The Alpine Project

[Orchestra] VSCO 2

[Orchestra] Palette Primary Colors

[Strings] Decent Samples Lewis Pyle Violin

[Strings] Decent Samples Box Violin Sustain & Swells

[Strings] Impact Soundworks The Stroh Violin

[Vibraphone] MSLP Instruments & Vibraphone

[Harp] SSO Concert Harp

[Choir] Ivy Audio Clare Solo

[Choir] Sweet Melodic Choir

[Brass] Ivy Audio Carpenter Trombone



This section has 5 solid drum libraries as well as 4 percussion sets. Some of the top choices here are the Ivy Audio Scott Drums and the Sennheiser library. As for percussion, we have all kinds of sounds, from “Modern Trailer Percussion” up to “Heritage Percussion”, which is a collection of percussion sounds from around the world.

[Drums] Ivy Audio Scott Drums

[Drums] Sample Logic Taste the Fury (Drums)

[Drums] Rigid Audio Drum One

[Drums] Sennheiser DrumMic’a

[Drums] Wavesfactory Old Tape Drums

[Percussion] Splash Sound Percussion Elements 3

[Percussion] Impact Soundworks Heritage Percussion

[Percussion] Sonixinema Medicine Man

[Percussion] Ferrum Modern Trailer Percussion Free Edition



As for guitars we have 2 options so far: the free Acoustic Guitar by Pettinhouse audio with amazing fret sounds included, as well as the “Stratus” Electric Guitar.

[Acoustic Guitar] Pettinhouse Audio Guitar

[Electric Guitar] Shreddage 3 Stratus Free



In the bundles section we have a lot of content:

First of all, there are amazing free bundles of libraries from Native Instruments included in their Komplete Start bundle

  • Play Series Selection: Analog Dreams (Classic synth sounds), Ethereal Earth (Atmospheric patches), Hybrid Keys (Keyboard-based sounds)
  • Kontakt Factory Selection: 7 Instrument Collections (Band, Choir, Orchestral, Vintage, World)

Other cool bundles we can highlight are: 

  • Bigcat Instruments", with a huge list of all kinds of instruments,
  • Klang”, with some ambient and unusual sampled instruments.

[Bundle] Komplete Start - Play Series Selection by Native Instruments

[Bundle] Komplete Start - Kontakt Factory Selection by Native Instruments

[Bundle] World instruments, Pianos, Guitars, Orchestras, etc. - Bigcat Instruments List

[Bundle] Free Stuff by Soniccouture

[Bundle] Arcane by Embertone

[Bundle] Klang The Free Instrument Series

[Bundle] 99 Sounds Project Exodus


Other instruments

In this section you’ll find an organ instrument, a mandolin and lute.

[Organ] Wrongtools Trapeze Organ

[Mandolin] Decent Samples Mandolin Guitarophone

[Lute] Sonas Ronroco


Ambient sounds

This section gives you ambient bundles for Kontakt.

[Ambient] Rigid Audio Metawave

[Ambient] Sonora Cinematic Magnetica Redux

[Ambient] Xperimenta Minima

[Ambient] Soundethers Free Fall


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