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Spring update: new Ableton tricks, tutorials and freebies


"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Here’s a quick update on what we have been doing at productionmusiclive.com: New production tricks & skills We are developing a complete mastering chain using only Ableton built-in effects. You can download the free Ableton project over here: (http://bit.ly/pml_upd1_mastering) We are showing you how to create a nice „air“ background pad to fill up the empty spaces of your tracks. We then remake the same sound with 4 different synths. Get those free presets here: (http://bit.ly/pml_free_bgpad). Check our youtube channel for more tips and tricks.   New (exclusive) videos:...

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Sound Design Challenge: Recreating the Kygo / Matoma / Thomas Jack Style

Ableton Massive Remake Sound Design Tropical House

We were asked to and worked out a new tutorial showing you how to make the sound of Matoma, Kygo, Thomas Jack and others with Ableton Live. We used Ableton Live 9 Suite, Massive 1.3.xx and the ableton packs The Forge by Hecq, The Grand Piano, Sound Objects Light, Orchestral Woodwinds.     Audio preview of our remake (using other MIDI files):    Grab your copy of this tropical style template here (instrumentals (midis) differ from the video version):  http://bit.ly/pml_s_tmp_tropical We also offer a complete Tropical House Pack.    Keywords: Ableton Live Template with saxophone, saxo, kygo style, .als file download, free kygo .als...

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Sound Design Challenge: Remake of Coyote Kisses Revive - Future Bass ChillTrap Style - using Ableton and NI Massive

Ableton Massive Remake Sound Design Vst

  We received some requests on a remake for Coyote Kisses' track "Revive". We really enjoyed the tune and accepted the challenge to design a remake using Ableton Live 9 Suite and NI Massive - no other third party plugins. Their style might be described as something between future bass, chillstep and trap. We've put together a couple of tutorials showing the in-depth work on vocal chops, drums, bass and instrument layer shaping.   Grab your copy of this advanced style template here (instrumentals (midis) differ from coyote kisses version):  http://bit.ly/pml_s_tmp_neon   Keywords: Ableton Live Template, .als file download, coyote...

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Challenge: Remaking the Ten Walls signature sound using Ableton only

Ableton Remake Sound Design

We handed ourselves another production challenge. We listened to the new track "Sparta" by Ten Walls and decided to give it a shot a remake the basic feel and the signature sounds using only Ableton Live 9 Suite (and 2 Ableton Packs: Orchestral Brasses and Orchestral Woodwinds). We worked with 3 grouped stems in this project. Stem 1 for the drumming, #2 for the bass sounds (the bass sound is pretty similar to the bass sound in Ten Walls' 2014 banger "Walking with elephants") and #3 for pads, woodwinds and brasses. So the tutorial below consists more or less equally of...

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Turning your 8 bar loop idea into a fully arranged track (Ableton Live Tutorial)

Ableton Creativity Music Production Skills

  We got this message the other day: "The biggest issue for me is how to take a cool 8-bar loop (which I've made many of!) and turn it into a good 120-bar song. Arrangement, transitions, variations in chords, melody, drums, etc." You're probably familiar with the problem. You have a nice idea for a beat that lasts 8 bars (sometimes 4 or 16 as well). You like the idea, but you're not sure how to make a full track out of it. So in this video we're going to try to help you come up with some ideas for...

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Remaking Disclosure - You & Me Flume Remix

Ableton Remake

While on vacation with Tom, we were messing around with some sounds and ended up remaking Flume's remix of Disclosure "You and Me" on a simplified scale. I thought I'd share that with the producers among you guys.     Related Files: Midi Files: Download them through a like on our facebook page Ableton ALS Project-File (instrument only, other MIDIs used): Go to project files   Keywords: Ableton Live Template, .als file download, free .als midi files download, ableton alp free download, massive vst chillstep chilltrap future bass presets free download, zipped ableton file zippy, What So Not Style Template .als Ableton, Flume Style ableton, Disclosure - You &...

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Experiments with the Cthulhu VST Plugin

Creativity Music Production Skills Vst

We quickly checked out the cthulhu plugin by Steve Duda. Surely it does a lot of things and it certainly will boost your creativity, especially when you're stuck - melody-wise. Among many of its abilities, it also gives some nice results on your arpeggio sounds. Here's an example:           Keywords: Cthulhu Vst, Steve Duda Cthulhu VST Plugin Free, Coming up with creative Midis, great midi sounds free, free midi files

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Producing Progressive House / EDM like C.Harris Alesso in Ableton

Ableton EDM Massive Progressive House Remake

We worked out a new tutorial showing you how to make the sound of Avicii, Calvin Harris, Alesso and others with Ableton Live. We used Ableton Live 9 Suite, Massive 1.3.xx, Sylenth1 and the ableton pack "The Grand Piano".     Tutorial:   If you'd like to use this project file, you can grab it right here: http://bit.ly/pml_s_tmp_bigroom   Audio preview of the full project:     Keywords: Ableton Live Template, .als file download, free .als midi files download, ableton alp free download, massive vst progressive house edm presets free download, zipped ableton file zippy, Alesso Style Template, Calvin Harris Style...

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Day-By-Day Q&A

Ableton DJing Q&A

Here we're sharing some of our day by day questions, mostly the ones getting quick basic answers, notepad style:      Same Volume Level of tracks while DJing Q: Hey guys, im really digging your dj template for live i got it to add some of those features to my live template but im really struggling with one thing that i thought you guys could help me out with. I been looking everywhere to find a way to make like a auto gain kind of things to get my tracks to be all at the same volume level? Do you...

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Free Background Pad Sound - Free Download

Ableton Massive Minimoog Preset Sylenth1 Tal-U-No-Lx

  Sometimes you've got your drums right, the bass is perfect and maybe one or two instrument tracks are already playing nicely along. Still, your track sounds a little empty. Depending on the genre you're working on, you can add a background pad to fill up the frequency gaps and increase the overall atmosphere of your track. Over here, Francois explains how to do this with NI Massive, Sylenth1, Arturia Minimoog and Tal-U-No-Lx. Download the Background Pad Preset for Massive, Sylenth1 and Tal for free here.         Listen to previews of our Massive preset packs:   Keywords: free massive...

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