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How To Find A Label In 16 Steps

Basics Business Getting Released Mindset Music Industry Professional Record Deal Record Label Release Skills Soft Skills Tips 'n Tricks

Intro (list below) During our time being a musician, one decision comes across all of us. The decision to approach a record label with the aim to get signed and eventually released. When this day comes, you want to be prepared and make sure you got your perfect game on. (Check out our tutorials on YouTube and feel free to subscribe to our channel.) Authors Background I have been a musician for quite some years now. After a couple of years being an artist myself, I wanted to contribute something to the community and help young artists get released. I wanted to enable...

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Mastering with Deadmau5 and Steve Duda (using Ableton Live, Xfer SERUM,..)

Ableton Ableton Live 9 Creativity Mastering SERUM Skills Sound Design Studio

In this video, Deadmau5 and Steve Duda (developer of Xfer Serum) go through mastering and routing using Ableton Live 9 and Serum among other tools in Deadmau5's freshly finished new mint studio environment.         Check out our Future Bass presets for SERUM: 75+ hand crafted amazingly rich sounding future bass presets, see details:

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Great Reverb Plugin: D16 Toraverb Vst

Mixing Music Production Skills

Buy Toraverb from D16 Toraverb is one of our favorite VST plugins when it comes to creating long tail reverbs for rather epic sounding tracks. Its heavily used in this video tutorial, check it out around minute 13:30:   Buy Toraverb from D16

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Harmony Theory: Circle of Fifths

Music Theory Skills

Download our Circle of Fifths as cheat sheet: Free Download    Here's our PML Circle of Fifths, you can always use it as your personal cheat sheet for finding parallel minor chords, relative minors and good chord substitutions. If you want to learn more about chord progressions, harmony, the basics of music theory and how to come up with great sounding chord progressions, take a look at our in-depth course:  PML Course about harmony and chord progressions:

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Creating your own "Gate Effect" in Ableton Live

#PMLTipOfTheDay Future Bass Music Production Skills Sound Design

In this case, we’re building a gate effect in Ableton Live. Taking a pad sound as source, we are routing the signal into a second audio track (instead of routing it to the master channel). That second audio track plays a "dummy" audio clip - an empty audio file basically. But this dummy audio clip contains the relevant track volume modulation. We can create several of those "dummy" audio clips and draw in different types of volume modulations (e.g.: 16ths, 8ths, etc). That way we can easily switch between different ideas and concepts and speed up the creative workflow.     ...

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