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How To Start a Track With an Acapella in 10 Simple Steps

#PMLTipOfTheDay Music Production Tips 'n Tricks Writing Music

  The way I start my tracks the most often is by finding a good chord progression. Sometimes however, I like to change things up and to start by playing around with vocals. In this 10 step guide I’m about to show you a really simple workflow to get started with your new track.   Step 1: Find and download an acapella Having a killer vocal line to work with is key. It’s not always an easy task to find the vocals of your favourite song. Fortunately, there are plenty of great vocal recordings you can choose from, (and to...

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Five Quotes To Solve Your Music Production Problems

#PMLTipOfTheDay Mindset Music Production Tips 'n Tricks Writing Music

1 - „Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working“ - Pablo Picasso As a music producer you constantly have to deal with lack of inspiration. „I’m not inspired, so there’s no point in opening that DAW“ - that’s what your mind tricks you to say to yourself. As a result, you start procrastinating and never finishing music (or never even starting out). The solution to this problem is to find the inspiration by actually working. It doesn’t mean that you have to find it just by working inside your DAW! It can get very boring to stare at...

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Creating your own "Gate Effect" in Ableton Live

#PMLTipOfTheDay Future Bass Music Production Skills Sound Design

In this case, we’re building a gate effect in Ableton Live. Taking a pad sound as source, we are routing the signal into a second audio track (instead of routing it to the master channel). That second audio track plays a "dummy" audio clip - an empty audio file basically. But this dummy audio clip contains the relevant track volume modulation. We can create several of those "dummy" audio clips and draw in different types of volume modulations (e.g.: 16ths, 8ths, etc). That way we can easily switch between different ideas and concepts and speed up the creative workflow.     ...

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How to find and identify Chords

#PMLTipOfTheDay Music Theory Skills

Here are two great websites for building and finding (even more complex) chords: Build any chord: You know the name of the chord (e.g. Piano above), you just don't know how to put it together.  Go to this website and it will help you visualize the chord: http://www.onlinepianist.com/chords/ Identify any chord: You have a chord, you see all the notes, but you don't know how it is called.  This website has a nice "Chord ID" function: http://www.scales-chords.com/chordid.php Find your scale http://www.pianoworld.com/fun/vpc/piano_chords.htm  PML Course about harmony and chord progressions: http://productionmusiclive.teachable.com/courses/harmony-and-chord-progressions   Keywords: How to find, name and build chords

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Producing A Future Bass Saw Lead with Ableton Operator - Sound Design Tutorial

#PMLTipOfTheDay Ableton Creativity Future Bass Sound Design

In this tutorial we are showing you how to design a powerful future bass saw using Ableton Operator plus some of Ableton's built in effects:   Basic Steps: Operator: set up basic oscillators (Saw 64, SawD and Square 32), adsr shapes and filters in operator (see video) Ableton effects: add in Compressor, EQ, Reverb and Frequency shifter   Additionally, we’re offering this template: go to template (works with Ableton Live Standard + Operator (Version1) or Ableton Live Standard & Serum VST (Version 2)).   Watch Tutorial:   Keywords: how to make a future bass lead sound, future bass saw, powerful lead melody sound, operator power...

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