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Top 9 New Features in Ableton Live 9.5

Ableton Live 9.5 Simpler Update

Whats new?

  1. Improved sampling with a fully renewed "Simpler"
  2. Great new analog-modeled Filter algorithms 
  3. "LINK" option - Midi-Clocking via WIFI
  4. RMS and Peak values on Meters
  5. More precise waveforms
  6. New coloring options
  7. New Max for Live essentials
  8. Library of included sounds
  9. Ableton Push 2

Walk-through video on our youtube:



Improved sampling with a fully renewed "Simpler"

Simpler received almost a full rework, a new interface, a bigger break-out display, new warping, filtering and slicing options and it now offers 3 different modes. 

Simpler Slice Mode

1. Classic Mode - playback sample, loop mode, automatically warped (pitched samples keep their length)
2. One Shot Mode - trigger or gate samples, fades can be adjusted
3. Slicing Mode - slice samples across your (midi) keyboard - This mode looks like a really interesting tool for drumloop and vocal slicing / chopping / cutting. The sensitivity parameter defines the number of slices chopped from the sample. "Mono", "Play" and "Thru" modes offer a variety of interesting playback modes. Mono: Play one slice at a time. Play: more than one slice can be played. Thru: Plays a sample to the end until you play another slice


Awesome new analog-modeled Filter algorithms - Morphing, yay!!

Another great update has been (finally) made on the filters. Developed together with Cytomic (The Drop VST), Ableton Live 9.5 now offers a selection of new analog-modeled filter algorithms. They can be found inside the following devices:

  • Auto-Filter
  • Simpler
  • Sampler
  • Operator

Almost instantly, the AutoFilter becomes so much more fun to use, especially because of the newly designed "Morph" mode, which allows for continuous switching from a lowpass to bandpass to highpass to notch and back to lowpass filters. Also, you can now switch between 12/24db slopes for your filter curves.

Ableton Live 9.5 Filter Update

Short list of new Ableton Live 9.5 filter algorithms:

  • MS2 - Sallen Key with LM13700COR (eg. MS20 mk2)
  • SMP - Custom designed circuit with half way between an MS2 and OSR
  • OSR - State variable filter with OTA core (eg. OSCar)
  • PRD - transistor ladder core with differential buffer (eg. Prodigy)
  • Morph - Awesome morphing mode - MUST try :)

"LINK" option - Midi-Clocking via WIFI

You can now link several instances of Live and "clock" them to be synced. This will also work with other (mobile) devices and is achieved through connecting those devices via WIFI.

RMS and Peak values on Meters

The faders shown in Ableton Live 9.5 now offer more precise meters, indicating RMS and Peak values for the tracks and master channel - so its easier to control the dynamics of the overall mix and individual tracks.

Ableton Live 9.5 new meters rms peak


More precise Waveforms

The waveforms of audio files are now shown in greater detail and allow for smooth and detailed zooming / editing.

Ableton Live 9.5 more precise waveforms


Also new in Live 9.5:

Improved coloring - new tracks are colored by default, new clips on tracks take the track color.
New Max for Live Essentials - there are new Max devices and extensions available.
Library of included sounds - new free sound banks in the user area on ableton.com
Ableton Push 2 - a huge update has been made on Ableton's Push controller which will work with Live 9.5 and/or higher versions


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