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Producing A Future Bass Saw Lead with Ableton Operator - Sound Design Tutorial

Operator Saw Future Bass

In this tutorial we are showing you how to design a powerful future bass saw using Ableton Operator plus some of Ableton's built in effects:


Basic Steps:

  1. Operator: set up basic oscillators (Saw 64, SawD and Square 32), adsr shapes and filters in operator (see video)
  2. Ableton effects: add in Compressor, EQ, Reverb and Frequency shifter


Additionally, we’re offering this template: go to template (works with Ableton Live Standard + Operator (Version1) or Ableton Live Standard & Serum VST (Version 2)).


Watch Tutorial:


Keywords: how to make a future bass lead sound, future bass saw, powerful lead melody sound, operator power lead, crisp operator lead sound future bass


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