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16 Things to Avoid when Approaching a Record Label

Basics Getting Released Mindset Professional Record Deal Record Label Release

   Intro (list below) After I have written my last blog about things you should do, when approaching a record label, I will now focus on the things you should avoid. There are many things you should definitely, by now mean, never ever do when you contact a label for a record deal. I think these industry insights will make you laugh – but seriously! It happens on a daily-basis and makes skipping through applications even harder for record labels. You want to stand-out? Then read the list first and then check my last blog once again. Are there things...

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How to Make a Trap Beat? Top 5 Elements

Ableton Ableton Live 9 Basics Tips 'n Tricks

Hey! It’s k-pizza with PML again, and in this tutorial I’ll show you the most basic elements every trap beat must have. 1. 808 Bass It’s very common to call long bass notes 808s in trap. That’s basically what they are - either in synthesised or audio form. Most of the time, they play the root notes of your chord progression. Make sure to throw some distortion after it if you want to fatten it up even more. The 808 most likely will be sidechained to the kick - to give the kick more space. 2. Kick This element is...

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10 Ways To Pimp Your Soundcloud

Basics Tips 'n Tricks

Soundcloud may appear as a simple platform made for posting songs. However, if you dig deeper, it’s a great tool to speak to your listeners through your personal brand. It’s also crucial to stand out from the mass of other music producers if you want to get listeners. Here are the 10 things that every producer can do to make their soundcloud more attractive and cool.   1. Make your profile picture fit your background    Thanks to the fact that soundcloud has borderless profile pictures, it’s possible to create custom artwork which will match your background. It certainly makes...

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How To Find A Label In 16 Steps

Basics Business Getting Released Mindset Music Industry Professional Record Deal Record Label Release Skills Soft Skills Tips 'n Tricks

Intro (list below) During our time being a musician, one decision comes across all of us. The decision to approach a record label with the aim to get signed and eventually released. When this day comes, you want to be prepared and make sure you got your perfect game on. (Check out our tutorials on YouTube and feel free to subscribe to our channel.) Authors Background I have been a musician for quite some years now. After a couple of years being an artist myself, I wanted to contribute something to the community and help young artists get released. I wanted to enable...

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How to use NI Massive - Tutorial

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  In this 20 minute tutorial, we are going through the functions of Native Instruments Massive - covering the following subjects: Oscillators / Wavetables Modulation Filters Effects Envelopes Voicing LFOs Routing and Macro Controls   .   Additionally, we offer different styles of Massive Presets:     Keywords: How to use Massive, How to make presets in Massive, How to Bass in massive, How does Massive work  

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