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Remaking the Style of EDX - Belong in Ableton Live 9 using MASSIVE

We had some requests for a remake on EDX. So here's a remake of EDX - Belong made in Ableton Live 9 using NI Massive. 

Steps / Prerequisites:

  • What you need:
    • Ableton Live & NI MASSIVE VST
    • A rather versatile drum sample pack (we need a variety of small percussion sounds here, there are around 25 different drum elements)
    • Look for some decent Piano sounds (eg. The Grand Piano Ableton Pack) and a good (open) guitar sample
    • Then you're good to go for a remake in this style!
  • Steps:
    • Signature Bass Sound Layering (using several instances of MASSIVE & a couple of our Future House Presets) - First 20 Minutes of the video
    • Constructing a rather complex drumming: The drumming really has a huge influence on the overall sound experience here, so we are taking another 20 minutes for in-depth drum work (relying on samples from our "Deep Premium Pack")
    • Adding in pad sounds, piano and guitar melodies for a smooth round-up (final 10 minutes)


Watch the full tutorial here: 


- Check our Future House Preset Pack for NI MASSIVE:

- Get our "Deep Premium Vol. 1" Drum Pack here: 

- Additionally, we’re offering our remake template with different MIDIs and melodies:





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