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Top 10 Free Chorus VST Plugins for PC & Mac (2024)

In this list you’ll find the absolute top 10 of free Chorus effects for both Windows & Mac. The list includes both classic analog device emulations, as well as modern plugin inventions. Let’s get started!

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What is a Chorus effect?


The Chorus effect is one of the most important tools of every music producer. It multiplies the voice of a track - some just “double” the signal, some chorus effects add even more voices. It works similarly to a group of people singing in a choir - each person sings at a slightly different pitch, which results in a thicker, more powerful sound. When used successfully, a chorus effect enhances the sound of an instrument or vocal in a similar way. When used in stereo, chorus can also make mono sounds wider.


We're going to be processing this clip with each plugin - feel free to compare them with this "dry" version:

1. Tal-Chorus-LX


This popular plugin is a copy of the two-mode chorus module found in the Roland Juno synthesizers. Features additional simple controls like the Stereo Width knob. It’s incredibly simple to use, but adds a lot of depth to any track you use it on.

Check out Tal Chorus

2. Acon Digital Multiply Chorus 

Multiply gives you up to 8 voices of chorus, so it’s possible of extreme effects, but also works well when used subtly. With its clear interface, you can control and design your chorus effect in a heartbeat. You have rate and depth knobs to control frequency and amplitude modulation and sliders to manage dry and wet. A stereo spread knob to control width, and an equalizer to accurately choose in which frequency range you want to apply the chorus effect.

Check out Multiply

3. Magic Switch from Baby Audio

Magic Switch is another Roland Juno chorus emulation with a minimal interface: just an on/off switch and a Mix knob. The module is taken from their “Super VHS” lo-fi plugin.

Check out Magic Switch

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4. Ensemble from Kilohearts

The Kilohearts Ensemble plugin is outstanding - it features up to 16 (!) voices of unison and 3 modes of distributing the voices plus a very pleasant visual interface. It’s one of the best plugins to “multiply the voices” of a track. It can turn a simple mono synth into a huge wall of detuned oscillators without overloading the CPU.

Check out Kilohearts Ensemble

5. Chorus from Kilohearts

Kilohearts Chorus is a very simple plugin which features up to 3 delayed voices, a spread knob and other standard controls. It’s also part of a free effects collection called Kilohearts Essentials.

Check out Kilohearts Chorus

6. OSL Chorus from Oblivion Sound Lab

This effect is yet another emulation of Juno 60’s chorus section. It’s not a typical two-mode chorus however, and it allows you to dial in the exact rate and depth parameters from very subtle to extreme.

Check out OSL Chorus 

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7. Blue Cat’s Chorus

This simple freeware has been around for around 10 years. It’s quite popular for its versatility and low CPU use. It’s a single voice vintage chorus with a stereo spread control and sine/triangle LFO shapes. A nice feature is that the plugin takes zero CPU when it’s fed with silence and supports M1 processors.

Check out Blue Cat's Chorus

8. DLYM from Imaginando

DLYM features two modes: Analog and Dimension, plus 6 different modulation waveforms from Sine to Sample and Hold. It also uses a modern UI with all necessary controls.

Check out DLYM

9. Chorus WS-1 from Mercuriall

This plugin is a stompbox-style guitar chorus with an option to use it in stereo. Available options include Depth, Speed and Mix. It also doesn’t use much CPU.

Check out WS-1 Chorus

10. TheChorus from TheZhe

TheChorus is a virtual analog chorus with a flat UI. It features the typical Rate, Depth and Width parameters plus a filter cutoff control for adding warmth.

Check out TheChorus


Thanks for visiting this list!

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