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10 Best Chorus VST Plugins for PC & Mac (2024)

In this list you’ll find the absolute top 10 of Chorus effects for both Windows & Mac. The list includes both classic analog device emulations and modern plugin inventions. Let’s get started!

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1. Roland Dimension D Emulation: UAD Studio D

The original rack unit released in 1979 has been incredibly popular in studios worldwide for adding subtle spatial enhancement, rather than obvious pitch modulation, which is the case with plenty of other chorus effects. The UAD emulation is particularly faithful to the hardware. Other options include the Arturia Dimension D and the Overloud Modula.

Check out UAD Studio D here.


2. Roland Juno-60 Chorus

The Roland Juno-60 synthesizer is known for its particularly lush, analog two-mode chorus. Now it’s also available as an official plugin from Roland. There’s also an emulation from Arturia (Chorus JUN-6) and a free version from TAL Software (TAL-Chorus-LX).

Check out Roland Juno-60 Chorus here.

3. Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble: UAD Brigade

The original CE-1 was a pedal version of the effect built into the iconic Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus amp, and became a hit among guitar players. The VST emulation, Brigade by UAD, emulates its classic tone in beautiful stereo.

Check out UAD Brigade here.

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4. TriceraChorus by Eventide

Eventide might be known to you from their “Blackhole” reverb plugin. The company also makes an incredible chorus with a similar UI. Inspired by classic Tri-Choruses from the ‘70-s and ‘80-s, TriceraChorus gives you plenty of options from subtle sound enhancement to over the top pitch modulation. The plugin is meant primarily for guitars - it’s a VST version of their stompbox under the same name.

Check out TriceraChorus here.


5. Orchid from W. A. Production

This plugin has plenty of controls and allows you to beef up your signal with a four-way chorus. It also includes shimmer and space controls, as well as delay and a filter.

Check out Orchid here.

6. Mikron Orbiter

Modeled after the effects of an electronic organ, this plugin gives you string-machine ensemble chorus that turns raw saw waves into 70’s style Solina sounds.

Check out Orbiter here.

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7. Syntorus from d16

Analog chorus emulation inspired by the effects found in classic synths such as the Solina String Ensemble, Elka Synthex and Roland Juno-106. Includes plenty of controls for basic adjustments, modulation and individual mixing controls for each of the 3 delay lines.

Check out Syntorus here.


8. UVI Thorus

This delay effect includes up to 8 delay lines which gives you a huge sound. It also includes plenty of frequency shaping features which make it a perfect plugin for mixing.

Check out UVI Thorus here.


9. Valhalla Ubermod

This plugin is a unique multi-effect with elaborate modulation possibilities. It allows you to create chorus effects, delays and reverbs.

Check out Valhalla Ubermod here.

10. XILS Lab Chor’X

Chor’X includes modelled chorus from 4 vintage devices: Elka Synthex, Yamaha CS-80, Roland Dimension-D and Roland VP-330. The wide choice of faithful recreations makes it a great choice for all-round vintage chorus effects.

Check out Chor'X here.


Thanks for visiting this list!

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