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10 Best FREE Delay Plugins (2024)

10 Best Free Delay Plugins (2021) Header Image

Oh, the delay plugin.

The super cool audio effect of your sound bouncing around in a space of your choice.

But what are the best free delay plugins of 2021 and why should you get them?

This article is a compilation of ten incredible free delay VST plugins that make your mix more spacious, groovy and interesting.

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Let's start with the first delay plugin on the list, the (very) interesting Valhalla Freq Echo.

1. VallhallaFreqEcho (by Valhalla DSP)

ValhallaFreqEcho best free delay plugin

Valhalla DSP joins the top list again with one of the best delays in the world. This one is called ValhallaFreqEcho and isn’t your traditional delay. It’s even cooler.

Combining frequency shifting with an analog-style echo creates a sound effect remnant of the smoky, psychedelic 60s.

The variations you can use this in are many. With a tiny bit of feedback, short delay, and perhaps a tiny bit of pitch shifting, you get a chorus, flanger, and doubling effect.

But you can also use it as a regular delay. Use the free delay sync to control the milliseconds or set it to the tempo of your music. Without any pitch shifting, it sounds like a normal delay.

However, when you combine your delay with the pitch shifting, things get interesting. Try automating the shifting for a crazy echo effect.

Download FREE here.

2. Valhalla SuperMassive (by Valhalla DSP)

SuperMassive best free delay plugin

Yes, you read it right. Valhalla DSP again. And this is a bit of an interesting one. It's on the market as a reverb (a massive one) but also comes with delay options and presets, which sound fantastic.

Create reverbed or traditional delays that warp to your mod rates and depths and create vast spaces that ring to the depths of your mix.

The Valhalla SuperMassive is an incredible free plugin with an expensive sound. So, if you’re looking to create huge delays, perhaps with a reverbed touch, give the SuperMassive a go.

Download FREE here.

3. Sanford Delay (by Sanford Sound Design)

 Sanford Delay best free delay plugin

Sometimes, you want a simple delay that does the trick. And for that, the Sandford Delay from Sandford Sound Design has got your back.

It’s incredibly easy to use with a simple interface containing only a few settings and knobs. Control the left and right delay, feedback, filter, and set your delay timing. Done.

The Sandford Delay also offers a panning setting allowing you to create nice ping-pong delays with ease.

With up to 1 second delay and very low CPU usage, this is a great free delay plugin if your goal is to get clean delays in an easy-to-use VST.

Download FREE here.

4. ChowMatrix (by Chowdhury DSP)

ChowMatrix best free delay plugin

Are you looking for a regular, everyday delay plugin? In that case, the ChowMatrix might not be for you. However, if you want to create out-of-this-world delays, this extremely interesting echo plugin will suit you perfectly.

The main idea is an infinitely growable tree of delay lines, with each delay node delaying the audio from its parent node.

The result?

Super-weird and wonderful reverb and endless possibilities!

Control the delay length, feedback, panning, filter, pitch shifting, and much more each branch. Dial-up the 'Insanity' mode if you want moving results.

This experimental delay plugin is one to the stars. Try it and experience its wonderful weirdness.

Download FREE here.

5. GDelay (by GVST)

GDelay best free delay plugin

Here’s another simple delay for the minimalists. Because you know, sometimes the best delays are the ones without a hundred settings. Enter, GDelay.

There's not a lot to say about this. The delay is not tempo-synced but in milliseconds. And the other three knobs are feedback, effect, and dry.

What makes this cool is its utter simplicity. The dry and effect knob nicely mixes both the dry sound and the delay. And when you want to create a weird metallic type of delay sound, this is incredible.

If you want one of the simplest reverb you can find, check out GDelay.

Download FREE here.

6. TAL-DUB-III (by TAL Software)

TAL-DUB-III best free delay plugin

TAL Software makes some great free plugins in pretty much all areas imaginable. Like their free reverb we talk about in this article, the TAL-DUB-III is a great addition to your delay arsenal.

It's easy to set up and control. With a built-in filter and saturation options, you can also control the wet and dry signal easily.

The TAL-DUB-III can give you up to 4 seconds of synced delay times and displays your amount of saturation in the digital LED meters.

If you want a great reverb with some color, the TAL-DUB-III is a great free delay plugin.

Download FREE here.

7. Spaceship Delay (by Musical Entropy)

Spaceship Delay best free delay plugin

The Spaceship Delay from Musical Entropy is a famous choice in the world of free delay VST plugins.

You can set it up to go in single, ping pong, and stereo mode, featuring both classic modern and vintage delays. Choose either delay time in milliseconds or tempo-synced – and tap your tempo if you’re unsure.

The feedback goes up to a whopping 110%, giving you infinite reverbs at your control. With advanced filtering modes, including simulations of two famous synthesizers, you also have a spring reverb modeled from a famous tape machine.

Adding to the extensive functionality of the Spaceship Delay, you also get a freeze switch that turns your delays into awesome, glitched loops.

Furthermore, you also get more filters, a vintage phaser, and even a tremolo.

This free delay plugin is one of the best out there.

Download free here.

8. NastyDLA (by Variety Of Sound)

NastyDLA best free delay plugin

Variety Of Sound is a plugin creator that continually releases great free VST plugins. And the NastyDLA is no exception to this rule.

Described as a classic chorus echo device with tape-delay simulation, it can create beautifully colored and saturated reverb.

It’s easy to set to perfection in the simple interface, with large buttons for ultimate control. Want more color? Increase it with the ‘Color’ knob. Modulation? Same thing.

An interesting feature of this delay is that you get a classic chorus included. That means you can combine your vintage style delays with a beautiful chorus effect for extra width.

Sadly, it's temporarily closed for official downloads from Variety of Sound’s website.

However, according to a recent blog update, a 64-bit version is coming soon. So stay tuned!

This is a fantastic free delay plugin and well-worth checking out.

Keep updated on download links here.

9. OverDubber 2 (by KlangLabs)

OverDubber 2 best free delay plugin

The OverDubber 2 from KlangLabs is a great, free little delay plugin with heaps of features.

With a sleek and a bit old-school interface, you can quickly set your delay time. Choose dotted or undotted on the switch of a button and tune it to perfection with the filter types and other cool features.

For example, the ‘Explode’ mode that makes your delay go on seemingly forever. Switch on when you want endless delays, automate it off when you want a normal delay.

With the included limiter, it will never be too much. But if you want to stop it from endlessly delaying, there’s an included ‘PANIC!’ button that returns your delays to normal.

The OverDubber 2 is a great and easy-to-use delay that works great for longer and more trippy delays.

Download free here.

10. Lagrange (by UrsaDSP)

Lagrange best free delay plugin

The KRV Audio Developer Challenge winner is Lagrange, a granular and very interesting delay that creates incredible textures in your mix.

Use it to create metallic clinks, make sounds ring on seemingly forever in drone-type landscapes, or give your instruments an extra shimmer to sit better in your mix.

This delay has many uses and sounds fantastic.

So, for a free delay VST plugin, you can’t go wrong with Lagrange.

Download free here.


Great delay plugins are an essential part of any producer's and mixing engineer's toolbox. They give your mixes rhythm, space and can open up new dimensions of creative sound design.

But while you may want to wait with buying the top-level delay plugins, you can use any of these free delay plugins with fantastic results.

Now go make some awesome music!

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Thanks for reading, and see you in the next article.

Pelle Sundin
About the author
Pelle Sundin is a Swedish music producer and writer, active with his chillout project PLMTRZ. He also produces psytrance. When he's not producing, he surfs, skates, and chugs coffee.

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