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10 Best Free Reverb VST Plugins (2021)

Best Free Reverb VST Plugins 2021 Header Image

Who said creating amazing space and dimension in your mix must be pricy?

The free VST market is still booming. And it feels like the selection gets better every year – with plugins competing with or sounding better than their $300+ big brothers.

This article shares the best free reverb VST plugins you can download in 2021.

Let’s dive right in.

1. TAL-Reverb 4 (by TAL-Software)

TAL-Reverb 4 by TAL-Software free reverb vst plugin

Looking for a classic and a bit diffused reverb with a hint of the 80s? Well, it might just be your lucky day. The TAL-Reverb 4 fits the bill and is as great-sounding as it is free.

With a simple interface, you can control everything from modulation, equalization, size, and amount of reverb diffusion. The knobs are few, but the settings are powerful and well-placed.

The reverb sound is warm, organic, and pleasurable to listen to. Put it on anything from your vocals to heavy synth leads, and you’ll be surprised by the great result.

Download free here.

2. Oldskoolverb (by Voxengo)

Oldskoolverb by Voxengo free reverb vst plugin

The Oldskoolverb from Voxengo is truly old school – and for a free reverb, it sounds incredible.

Some may argue it looks outdated, but don’t let its appearance fool you. It competes with expensive reverbs out there, both in sound quality and functionality.

This free VST reverb plugin comes packed with 18 different reverb modes, from small to large rooms, schools, and beyond.

But the beauty lies in the way it combines these presets with the five extra reverb modes.

When you combine the different reverb settings with the modes, you can create completely interesting new effects to take your sounds to the next level.

This reverb plugin is good, oh, so good.

Download free here.

3. Valhalla SuperMassive (by Valhalla DSP)

Valhalla SuperMassive by Valhalla DSP free reverb vst plugin

Want super massive reverbs? Then you want SuperMassive from the legendary Valhalla DSP. The free reverb VST plugin you can't believe is free.

Create infinite (or extremely long), lush reverb tails with 12 different modes, like Gemini, Andromeda, and Large Magellanic Cloud. 

Each mode features its own algorithm with different attacks, sustain and decay characteristics. In other words, you get vastly different results by selecting your mode.

Or, if you want, select one of the fantastic reverb presets ranging from small and medium to large and massive.

For your huge reverb needs, get SuperMassive.

Download free here.

4. EpicVerb (by Variety Of Sound)

 EpicVerb by Variety of Sound free reverb vst plugin

EpicVerb from Variety of Sound is truly epic, as is the case with most of their plugins. This free reverb plugin tops as one of the best out there – confidently battling the paid options.

Load it up and choose the reverb type of your choice. Whether you want a small room reverb or an extra shimmer with ambience, EpicVerb doesn't disappoint. The two main reverb modes give you a room or ambience type feel.

With focused settings for pre-delay and reverb time, you can quickly create a reverb that perfectly suits your mix.

Control your reverb further with the early room reflections and dampening features or double the effect in your lower frequency areas. Trim your reverbs to perfection with the included equalizer and control.

Download free here.

5. Ambience (by Smart Electronix)

Ambience by Smart Electronix free reverb VST plugin

Ambience is a master plugin in the free reverb VST department. While it might look a bit different, you’ll quickly get used to the controls and create amazing reverbs for all your sounds.

What is does great is creating rooms. So, if you want to add an extra dimension to your mix by putting your sounds in virtual acoustic spaces, this plugin works fantastic.

With sharp and clear tails, users are confident saying this rival reverbs costing several hundred dollars.

Choose one of the 60+ presets, and you're good to go. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, create your perfect reverb from scratch.

This lightweight and free reverb VST is a must-have for all producers.

Download free here.

6. OrilRiver (by Denis Tihanov)

OrilRiver by Denis Tihanov

Are you looking for a reverb that does the basics extremely well? The OlirRiver by Denis Tihanov is a great choice.

This feather-light, free algorithmic stereo reverb best mimics room acoustics, like small rooms and great halls.

Customize both your early reflections with 12 variations, including your reverb tail with five different variations to choose from.

Easily shape your reverb to fit your mix with the built-in 3-band equalizer to make it yours.

This reverb VST is great – and it’s completely free, which makes it even better.

Download free here.

7. KarmaFX Reverb

KarmaFX Reverb by KarmaFX free reverb VST plugin

If you want a fantastic free short-to-long reverb – you definitely must check out KarmaFX Reverb.

With ten different reverb algorithms and options to change both decay time up to 10 seconds and pre-delay to 0,5 seconds, you can create many reverb styles.

The interface features a reverb, mix, and filter section, controlling all aspects of your reverb effect. Change the dampening, cut out the lows and even change the panning. KarmaFX can do it all.

This is a great reverb if you want to add shimmer to your sounds and want ultimate control of your decay.

Check it out.

Download free here.

8. Sanford Reverb (by Sandford Sound Design)

Sanford Reverb by Sandford Sound Design free reverb vst plugin

The Sanford Reverb looks good, feels good, and most importantly – sounds good.

With massive customizability and the ability to simulate the most popular spaces, you will struggle to find occasions where this reverb doesn’t work.

Use it for glorious small rooms to caverns and enjoy the rich and crisp reverb sound. Change it up with the multiple early reflections, reverb, modulation settings, and shape it with your filter.

The mix knobs allow you to quickly dial in your amount of dry signal plus early and late reflections.

This free reverb VST plugin is incredibly worth checking out. Many producers mention it’s their go-to reverb and that it’s “one of the few free reverbs worth using.”

Download free here.

9. Mverb (by Martin Eastwood Audio)

Mverb by Martin Eastwood Audio free reverb vst plugin

This open-source and studio-quality reverb has an audio quality that will leave you speechless.

It's very simplistic, with few knobs and an average design. But thanks to that, you dial it in quickly and create out-of-this-world reverbs that impress.

The textured, lush sound of this reverb is beautiful and must be experienced. Rather than having a grainy or metallic sound, this reverb is truer to realism – but with a twist.

Starting as a practical demonstration of Dattarro’s figure-of-eight reverb structure, the result is a smooth reverb that feels different than others.

This free reverb is worth a download to check out.

Download free here.

10. Dragonfly Reverb (by Dragonfly)

Dragonfly Reverb by Dragonfly free reverb vst plugin

Who let the dragonfly out? Well, from the sound of this great reverb – it’s Dragonfly Reverb.

This free reverb bundle feature reverbs for all your needs, including hall, plate, room, and a VST for early reflections.

The interface and controls make it extremely easy to use. Choose your reflection type, dial in your size, width and filter it to your liking. That’s it.

Hearing this reverb makes you appreciate its (free) price point. It sounds ultra-realistic while having a full, rich, and bright characteristic.

If you want a wide variety of reverbs to suit your needs, you better check out Dragonfly Reverb.

Download free here.


Your mixes deserve the best free reverb VST plugins. And now you have a great selection of fantastic-sounding plugins to try.

The best part? You don’t have to pay a single cent. Unless you want to, as some plugins are donationware, meaning you can pay if you want to.

If you can and enjoy the plugins – I urge you to buy these great developers a cup of coffee or two.

Without them, this best free reverb plugins list wouldn’t exist.

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Thanks for reading, and see you in the next article.

Pelle Sundin
About the author
Pelle Sundin is a Swedish music producer and writer, active with his chillout project PLMTRZ. He also produces psytrance. When he's not producing, he surfs, skates, and chugs coffee.

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