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Mixing in Mono: Why & Why Not

EQing Mastering Mixing

Did you know that the mixing engineer behind Kendrick Lamar’s breakout album, Derek Ali, mixes in mono for the first 80% of his process? Today we’re going to discuss what pros and cons of this approach. Why mix in mono? 1. Because it’s better for achieving the right EQ balance When you mix in stereo, you have some elements coming from the sides, some coming from the center. That may fool you into thinking that your frequencies are not clashing, when in fact they are. When you mono your track it’s easier to spot the mistake because you don’t have...

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Equalizer EQ Eight: What It Is & How To Use It

Ableton Live Beginners EQing

EQ Eight is one of the most important producer’s tools. Today I’m going to show you what it’s useful for and how to use it. What is the frequency spectrum? To understand what EQ does you need to get a sense of what the frequency spectrum is. Make sure to wear headphones or listen on good speakers. Here’s a fragment of a track of mine with no EQ applied. Here’s what this situation looks like on the EQ8 display: Now listen to the same clip without high frequencies. Notice that you can now hear only the kick, bass, much less...

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How To Mix Vocals: Hip Hop Vocal Mini Series in Ableton Live

Ableton Live Compressor EQing Mixing Tips 'n Tricks Vocals

  In this 3 part mini series, @nuckychulo shares his vocal mixing techniques on a nice Hip Hop Ableton project. Contents of this series: Gate and EQ EQ8 and Compression Reverb and Delay + Bonus tricks  Pick up the effect chain rack for this vocal mixing tutorial from our freebies section.   5h+ Course: Mixing A Track From Scratch in Ableton (with stock effects)     Keywords: mixing vocals like drake, vocal mixing like post malone, hip hop vocal mixing, vocal mixing in ableton

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Making Bass Cut Through [8 Production Tips]

Ableton Live EQing Mixing

At PML, we love sharing our production tips with you. Today we've prepared for you 8 tips we found useful. 1. Making bass cut through To make your bass cut through better, split it into two tracks. Use one track to play sub frequencies (lowpass everything below 60 Hz with EQ8) and another one to play harmonics (highpass at 60 Hz). Then make sure your sub frequencies are mono and stereo enhance the harmonics. 2. Jazz up your chords To give your chords a more jazzy feel, try these techniques: - Extend them into 7th, 9th, 11th or 13th chords for that...

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Matching EQ - Cloning the Frequency Spectrum

EQing Mixing

  Matching EQ allows you to sort of "clone" the frequency spectrum of another track. EQs like the Fab Filter Pro-Q2 offer such a function. You basically create two audio tracks and let the EQ calculate the differences between the frequency spectrum of your work and the one of the other (eg. commercial) track. Then, these differences get sort of "added in" or "taken out" of your track, resulting in an overall appearence closer to the reference track, depending on your instrumentation.    Learn more about EQing and how to deal with it when mixing: NEW PML 5h+ Course: Mixing A Track From Scratch...

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