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Variety of Sound offers very helpful free vst plugins

#PMLTipOfTheDay Vst

Variety of Sound offers free vst plugins on their page. Among them you can find eqs, reverbs, limiters etc. Apart from that, they also have quite an interesting blog. In case you're wondering why all this is being offered for free, here's a statement by "vos": As a computer scientist and musician, I’m enjoying designing DSP algorithms and plug-in concepts. It’s a pleasure for me to share my efforts with other people without having to worry about commercial interests. In each of my effects there is a special technical design, workflow or concept combination I haven’t found in existing...

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8 Essential Todo's Before Sending Your Track To Mastering

Ableton Mastering Mixing

The guys of mentioned some helpful tips on how to prepare your tracks for mastering in a youtube video. We are quickly summing them up: Here are 8 essential tips: 1. Make sure that there are no effects on your master channel when you bounce (export) In case you have essential effects on your master, send 2 versions: fx mix, giving your engineer an idea of the effect no fx mix, giving him the opportunity to apply his effects however: don't leave any limiter in place 2. Make sure the level of your track peaks somewhere between -6 and -3dB  3. If the...

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Finding similar files or duplicates


This might be particularly helpful when cleaning up your old music projects. Recently i had to deal with the problem of eliminating duplicate files within a fairly large set of mainly ms office files (under windows).    For me, a program called "alldup" perfectly did the job     Other solutions i tried: winmerge: should be great for comparing code files, as it offers an in-file comparism doublekiller: basicly does the same job like alldup, but offers less options dupeguru: they offer a music edition. should be very interesting for people who want to tidy up their mp3s

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