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Most Popular DAW 2015: Ableton Live

#PMLTipOfTheDay Ableton

  Ask audio had their members perform a poll and name their favorite DAW / Studio Software. Around 25 000 people responded, and here are the results for 2015:   #1. Ableton Live 23.14% #2. Logic Pro 16.95% #3. Pro Tools 15.13% #4. FL Studio13.63% #5. Cubase 9.03% #6. Studio One 3.80% #7. Reason 3.46% #8. GarageBand 2.49% #9. Sonar 1.99% #10. Digital Performer 0.92% #11. Bitwig Studio 0.77% Other 8.70%   Source: Keywords: Most popular DAW, most used DAW Ableton ----    

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Inspiring movies for musicians / producers


Ok, so lets list a couple of movies you might find inspiring being a musician, producer or DJ: Movies: Can A Song Save Your Life (2014) Ray (2004) High Fidelity (2000) 8 Mile (2002) Berlin Calling (2008) - available with English subtitles Walk The Line (2005)   Documentaries: Hans Zimmer Documentary:       These are some we like, don't hesitate to post some interesting ones to our facebook or twitter:  

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Basics of Ghost Production


Being a master of everything is highly unlikely and lays the base for working together with others. Producers aren’t necessarily always willing to become DJs, but maybe DJs dream of being producers as well. There are many possible motivations for it, but in the end, the DJ who’s also releasing popular tunes will get more popularity, bookings, fame, money.    Whether you’re coming from the DJing side or you're completely new to music production, it will be quite difficult and confusing in the beginning. You might experience those early on boosts, like, getting your first drum pattern into the daw...

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How to make the famous EDM tape stop "levels" effect in Ableton Live 9

#PMLTipOfTheDay Ableton Creativity Massive Skills

Julian asked us on our Youtube Channel how to make an EDM pitch tape stop effect like Avicii "Levels" or "3lau - How you love me". So we sat down and put some bangin' EDM sounds into an Ableton Live project. Now you can get this sort of effect with VST plugins like "Effectrix" or "Glitch". However, you can also use some of your Ableton built-in effects to get there.   Steps: Melody: Create a massive EDM hook melody and make sure it ends with a long note Frequency Shifter: Load an instance of "Frequency Shifter" and place it in the fx section of...

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Remaking the Style of Robin Schulz in Ableton Live 9 using MASSIVE

Ableton Massive Remake Skills

We had some requests for a remake on Robin Schulz' style. So here's a remake of David Guetta ft. Sam Martin - Dangerous in the Robin Schulz Remix made in Ableton Live 9 using NI Massive.  Steps / Prerequisites: What you need: Ableton Live 9 (Standard is enough) & NI MASSIVE VST A drum sample pack, maybe some bongo sounds as well You can look for some decent Piano sounds (eg. The Grand Piano Ableton Pack)  Then you're good to go for a remake in this style! Steps: Constructing the typical deep house drumming with bongos (we are relying on samples from our "Deep...

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