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Top 14 AI Music Platforms to Generate Complete Tracks (2024)

AI music generator platforms are a great way of creating music for all kinds of purposes. In 2024 there are more such platforms available than ever before. These are useful both for amateurs who would like to create complete tracks without music theory knowledge, and even for professional producers who would like to “collaborate” with AI. In this article you will find which AI platforms lead the way for generating music and which is best for you.

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One of the absolute cutting-edge platforms for music generation is AIVA. It composes entire tracks for you based on genre preferences. AIVA surprises with its quality - the generated tracks sound quite “professional”. It’s also a ble to read into your “influence tracks” to create similar moods to what you’re looking for. Despite being made primarily for creating background video music and film scoring, it’s surprisingly useful for other purposes as well by including genres such as Electronic, Pop, Ambient, Rock and Jazz. What’s also great about this platform is that it also allows you to edit the tracks afterwards - it works a bit like a DAW in that sense by creating MIDI tracks for each instrument. If you’re looking for copyright-free background music, this platform is a great option.

Check out AIVA here

2. Soundraw

With Soundraw it’s incredibly easy to generate tracks. All you need to do is set the length and tempo, select the desired Mood, Genre and Theme, and the app does the rest. This one stands out because of the wide selection of genres and other parameters. The results are very useful as well, which makes it a close competitor of AIVA and one of the absolute best AI music generators available.

Check out Soundraw here

3. Loudly

This platform automatically creates a number of tracks based on genre combinations and energy level specifications. It can also translate requirements from text prompts into complete tracks. Even though the results don’t always translate to usable tracks, the generated pieces of music can be very unique thanks to the “genre blend” feature.

Check out Loudly here


4. Ecrett Music

This platform is very similar to Soundraw. Based on 3 parameters (Scene, Mood and Genre) it creates unique tracks. It also gives you arrangement editing options, so if you’d like to mute a certain instrument in the chorus part, you’re able to do so. A simple yet powerful tool, very useful for content creators (creating royalty free background music for videos) and even for music producers (great song starting option).

Check out Ecrett Music

5. Boomy

Boomy is a very popular music generation app. It gives you a few genres to choose from (Electronic Dance, Rap Beats, Lo-Fi, Global Groove, Relaxing Meditation), and with a few mouse clicks provides you with unique tracks matching your requirements. We found it to be a bit less “professional” sounding than the other apps on the list, but if you’re looking for an alternative to Soundraw and Loudly, this one can also do the job well.

Check out Boomy here

6. Soundful

Soundful customizes your experience depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re a content creator, it will provide you with an amazing selection of genres and background tracks for your videos. If you’re a music producer, it can create loops, chord patterns and FX samples to name just a few options. It also give you the incredibly useful options to easily alter the key and BPM of the generated tracks.

Check out Soundful here

7. MusicFX by Google

MusicFX generates music based on text input. It recommends slight variations of the entered text to explore creative possibilities. Users can adjust the duration of the generated music, with options for 30, 50, or 70 seconds, and enable looping for seamless playback. MusicFX is quite versatile, producing a wide range of musical styles - including hip-hop, rap, country, and contemporary pop.

Check out MusicFX

8. Suno

Suno AI is a text prompt based music creation web app. In contrast to MusicFX, it is capable of writing vocal tracks and provides coherent lyrics. However, its current drawbacks include a lack of human emotional depth, as well as concerns about originality and copyright.

Check out Suno

9. Musicgen

MusicGen, developed by Meta AI, is another solution for generating music based on text prompts. The app generates diverse music genres, including orchestral arrangements, reggae, drum and bass, hip-hop, electronic, jazz, and rock. It also allows users to control music generation based on extracted melodies from provided samples.

Check out Musicgen

10. CassetteAI

CassetteAI is a prompt-based music generator. All you need to do is input parameters such as genre, mood, length, and instrumentation, and CassetteAI will generate complete tracks. Cassette's key feature is its commitment to user privacy, allowing users to keep their music secure on their account until they're ready to export or share it. 

Check out CassetteAI

11. Riffusion

Riffusion, is a prompt-based AI music generation tool with the ability to generate sounds across various music styles. It works by taking users’ inputs (text-based prompts) and turning them into spectrograms. Spectrograms are visual representations of sound. The tool, in turn, converts these visual data into audio, which users can then listen to and refine to their liking.

Check out Riffusion

12. Splash Pro

Splash Pro is another prompt-based AI music generator. Its standout feature is the Text-to-Vocals AI, allowing users to customize singing or rap vocals for their tracks. The platform offers diverse AI vocalists, including 10 singers and 3 rappers, enhancing the range of vocal styles. Splash Pro provides an unlimited commercial license, granting users the freedom to use their AI-crafted music for commercial purposes without additional fees. 

Check out Splash Pro

13. Tuney IO

Tuney is designed for digital video creators. Its unique feature is the ability to analyze videos and generate the perfect soundtrack automatically, eliminating the need for extensive stock music searches or complicated editing. 

Check out Tuney

14. HookSounds’ AI Studio

AI Studio is another tool designed for video creators. By analyzing mood patterns, aesthetics, storytelling, energy, and length of your video, AI Studio generates an original track that perfectly aligns with the tone of your project, eliminating the need for extensive manual searching.

Check out AI Studio

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