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Top 70+ AI Plugins and Tools for Music Producers in 2024 (for Mixing, Mastering, Composition, Sequencing & More)

While using AI is sometimes considered “cheating” by music producers, using artificial intelligence can actually be incredibly beneficial for creating tracks. In 2024, AI-enabled plugins give you more precision, faster results, and make your workflow much easier overall. These tools are also incredibly inspiring, giving you smart, unexpected MIDI patterns which you can tailor to your needs. In this article you will find 70+ top AI plugins and tools for music producers.

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Here’s an overview of the list:

16 Mixing and Mastering AI Tools
21 AI Plugins for Creative Music Production (Harmonies & Drums)

8 Vocal AI Tools for Music Producers
12 AI Web Apps for Music Producers
14 AI Music Platforms to Generate Complete Tracks


Mixing and Mastering AI Tools

1. Izotope Neutron 4 (Mix Assistant)

This VST includes a “Mix Assistant” feature which analyzes audio and automatically applies processing such as EQ, compression, saturation and stereo imaging. It can be used on single tracks, but it’s especially useful for bus processing. The best part about the Mix Assistant is that you can always tweak the parameters after the automatic processing. In this way you get to the end result faster without sacrificing any control over your tracks.

Check out Izotope Neutron here

2. Izotope Ozone 10 (Mastering Assistant)

Similarly to Neutron this plugin from Izotope gives you automatic mastering capabilities which you can later fully edit. It can significantly speed up the mastering process and give you useful hints on what could be improved. Try doing your own master and comparing it to the AI version - you’ll be surprised at how well the algorithm works!

Check out Ozone 10 here

3. Focusrite Fast Bundle

This set of plugins from Focusrite uses AI to make the mixing process much easier. Each of the included effects automatically makes smart adjustments according to the received audio. This way, you get a much better starting point than the “default presets” found in most other plugins. Once the automatic processing finishes, you are able to change each setting individually to get exactly the results you’re looking for. Fast Bundle includes a limiter, EQ, compressor, reverb and “Reveal” - a spectral sidechain which automatically removes frequencies that clash between tracks.

Check out Fast Bundle here

4. Sonible Pure Bundle

The Pure Bundle from Sonible includes 3 AI-powered one-knob plugins: Compressor, Limiter and Reverb. The plugins automatically adjust parameters according to the received signal, and the only thing that’s left to do is adjusting the single “amount knob”. These plugins are a great way of speeding up your process for quickly setting up tracks. While they lack more advanced editing options, the one-knob workflow proves incredibly useful.

Sonible Pure Bundle

5. TAIP tape plugin by Baby Audio

TAIP is a tape saturation plugin, which instead of traditional DSP processing uses AI neural networks to mimic the characteristics of tape processing. This results in an incredibly authentic sound which makes it an ideal option for adding warmth to any track.

Check out TAIP here

6. Fazertone Overdrive Essentials

The “Overdrive Essentials” plugin features a set of incredibly realistic AI-modeled emulations of overdrive guitar pedals, including classic models such as the Tube Screamer, RAT, Boss Distortion, Overdrive and Blues Driver, as well as the iconic Big Fuzz.

Check out Overdrive Essentials here

7. Landr Mastering

Landr is a platform which uses AI to automatically master your tracks. In the app you are able to add reference tracks and choose between different styles and loudness levels, as well as A/B between the original and master track with equal loudness. The platform also does music distribution, gives you access to collaboration tools and serves as a hub of many different music production resources.

Check out LANDR here

8. Studioverse

StudioVerse by Waves is a mixing tool with thousands of plugin preset chains in a single VST. All effects can be easily customized with up to 8 macros. StudioVerse's AI-driven engine, activated by the 'Scan Audio' button, listens to your track and recommends mixing chains based on its character.

Check out Studioverse

9. Mixea

It’s an AI-powered online mastering solution from the creators of Distrokid. At this stage it’s more like a very limited version of Landr Mastering, though - with controls only for EQ and Instensity.

Check out Mixea

10. Waves Clarity VX Pro

Clarity Vx Pro is an advanced real-time noise reduction plugin by Waves, catering specifically to vocal recordings. With six bands and advanced controls, users can precisely tailor the noise reduction process. You’re able to control parameters across 6 EQ bands, including reflections, ambience gate, width control, and a limiter. 

Check out Waves Clarity VX Pro

11. Zynaptiq Intensity

Equipped with just one essential control, Intensity’s mysterious algorithm focuses on extracting vital signal features, preserving the authenticity of the sound. The plugin incorporates an optional soft-knee saturating limiter in the output stage, allowing it to achieve maximum loudness and aggressive tone.

Check out Zynaptiq Intensity

12. Adaptiverb

Powered by ray tracing, source separation, and artificial intelligence, this reverb dynamically adapts to input audio. Adaptiverb adds perceived depth, harmonic richness, and smooth tails without obscuring the your track. It allows you to craft evolving drones, organic pads, lush ambient soundscapes, and more.

Check out Adaptiverb

13. Neoverb from Izotope

iZotope Neoverb is an intelligent reverb plugin. It includes a Blend Pad and Reverb Assistant for mixing different reverbs into a unique space, while the AI-powered EQ section listens to your track and enhances clarity. 

Check out Neoverb

14. Landr Mastering Plugin

LANDR Mastering Plugin integrates AI mastering into your DAW. With real-time processing, the plugin gets rid of the need for time-consuming bounces. It offers three custom mastering styles (Warm, Balanced, Open) and a range of intuitive controls for EQ, presence, de-essing, stereo field adjustments, compression, saturation, loudness, and more. 

Check out Landr Mastering Plugin

15. Neural Q V2

Tone Empire's Neural Q – v2 is a powerful analog EQ emulation plugin It’s made with AI systems that train models and parameters based on real music samples, resulting in a more authentic analog emulation. Key features include controls for boosting high and low frequencies, Pre-Amp Drive, Autogain, as well as various presets.

Check out Neural Q V2

16. CryoMix

CryoMix offers an online AI mixing and mastering tool. It has been designed with artists' needs in mind, delivering a fast-paced, high-quality mixing and mastering service, especially tailored towards vocalists and rappers. Features include "Magic Touch" for dynamic vocal enhancement, as well as mixing recommendations based on machine learning.

Check out CryoMix

AI Plugins for Creative Music Production (Harmonies & Drums)

1. Orb Producer Suite 3

Orb Producer Suite is a set of 4 AI MIDI generator plugins: Orb Chords, Orb Melody, Orb Bass and Orb Arpeggio. These tools allow for both quick randomization of patterns and very advanced customization with parameters such as Complexity, Density, Polyphony and much more. Included you will find a full wavetable synthesizer to play the created patterns without having to use another synth plugin. Of course you can still easily drag and drop the created patterns onto a MIDI track for further editing or using your own instrument plugins. A great feature of the suite is that all of these plugins synchronize across the entire DAW project - meaning that the Chords, Melody, Bass and Arpeggio always stay in harmony together.

Check out Orb Producer Suite here

2. Playbeat

This plugin is an AI drum sequencer which allows you to load samples and automatically create drum patterns. These can be generated according to specified parameters or based on existing phrases you’ve marked as “smart”. Similarly to Orb Producer Suite, this plugin allows for both quick generation of ideas, as well as very in depth editing of parameters such as Steps and Density. Playbeat also includes 3 types of randomization algorithms, giving you infinite variations of a single rhythmic phrase.

Check out Playbeat here

3. Atlas 2

Atlas by Algonaut is an AI-powered sample browser plugin and sequencer. The software creates “sample maps” which are very easy to browse. Instead of having to go through endless folders on your hard drive, Atlas automatically puts similar samples close to one another, so you are able to easily browse for alternative sounds whenever you need one. With a few clicks you are able to build custom drum kits, easily swap samples and edit your sounds. The plugin also includes a full sequencer which is able to automatically generate patterns, making drum pattern creation incredibly easy.

Check out Atlas 2 here

4. Magenta Studio

Magenta Studio is a set of 5 AI tools from Google, available both as Ableton Live plugins and standalone apps. They are essentially MIDI editors, allowing you to completely transform your existing melodies and drum patterns. The collection includes “Continue” and “Generate 4 Bars” (which give you continuations and variations of your patterns), “Drumify” (creates drums from melodies), “Interpolate” (merges rhythmic or melodic ideas) and “Groove” (adjusts timing and velocity to humanize drums).

Check out Magenta Studio here


5. Synplant (Plugin)

Synplant’s “Genopatch” technology utilizes AI to create synth patches from audio recordings. You simply drop a sample into the plugin, and it generates plenty of synthesized variations in seconds. Synplant also provides various ways to further sculpt your sound, including a unique “DNA Editor”.

Check out Synplant

6. Spark Chords (Plugin)

Spark is an AI-powered chord trigger. One of the best features in Spark is generating chords based on text input. You can then use single keys to play the generated elaborate progressions - no piano skills required!

Check out Spark Chords

7. Emergent Drums 2 (Plugin)

Emergent Drums 2 uses AI to create drum samples. It crafts original drum samples from scratch, ensuring uniqueness in every creation without relying on source recordings. Deep Sampling technology enables users to generate countless variations of existing samples by adjusting the similarity slider.

Check out Emergent Drums 2



8. Drumnet (Plugin)

DrumNet is an AI-powered drum machine plugin. It features Deep Resampling technology which lets you create infinite variations of sounds based on your samples - similarly to Emergent Drums. Other features include a built-in sequencer and over 200 presets.

Check out Drumnet


9. Wavtool (Web)

WavTool is a web-based DAW, employing AI to accelerate music production. The platform includes Conductor, a multi-modal music chatbot, capable of answering questions, generating audio and MIDI and transcribing music. Composer, another component, acts as a tool to combat writer's block, offering live MIDI autocomplete with contextual suggestions. 

Check out Wavtool


10. Text to Sample (Plugin)

This free VST plugin generates samples from text without even the need of connecting to the internet. It does all processing locally, and the results will surprise you with quality. It’s also able to take any audio you have and transform it according to your text prompt.

Check out Text to Sample


11. Evebeat Melody Sauce 2 (Plugin)

Melody Sauce 2 is an AI-powered melody generator. It includes over 300 style settings, covering genres like Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, House, Techno, Pop and R&B. The AI engine creates unique melodies based on user settings. Once you create a pattern, you can either use one of the 100 built-in instruments or drag it to your DAW and transform it further.

Check out Melody Sauce 2

12. Torsion Audio Scyclone (Plugin)

Scyclone is an innovative audio plugin utilizing neural timbre transfer technology. It allows you to take any sound and transform it into a something else. Scyclone is particularly useful for drum patterns, with its two models - Djembe and Funk Drums. Dialing in a bit of each of the algorithms is a great way of adding interest and fattening up drums.

Check out Scyclone

13. ZPlane Decoda (Standalone)

This tool makes figuring out chord progressions incredibly easy! deCoda is a song-learning and analysis tool. After importing an audio file, deCoda reveals key, tempo, and chords, and even identifies different sections like verse and chorus. 

Check out Decoda


14. Jamahook Sound Assistant (Plugin)

This VST uses AI with your personal local audio library to recommend you the samples to use. It categorizes and structures your sample library and provides instant recommendations. It not only speeds up the sample searching process, but also allows you to discover forgotten gems in your music collection.

Check out Jamahook


15. Instachord 2

Instachord’s AI feature creates entire chord progressions for you. You can then adjust these generated ideas straight from the plugin or export MIDI and edit further in your DAW. This way, you can create progressions you would never have thought of! 

Check out Instachord 2


16. Sistema 2

Sistema2 by guk.ai is an AI-powered synthesizer. The Prompt feature enables users to generate intricate synth sounds instantly by entering a text description. AI-driven effect chains suggest and apply suitable effects, modulations, and signal routing in real-time, unlocking a world of sonic possibilities.

Check out Sistema 2


17. Cosmos by Waves

COSMOS Sample Finder offers AI-powered sample-finding, analyzing and categorizing samples on your hard drive. Utilizing AI neural networks, COSMOS auto-tags samples by instrument, timbre, style, key, BPM, and more, providing efficient organization. The interface allows users to quickly find specific samples by entering search terms, making it easy to locate desired sounds instantly.

Check out Cosmos


18. TuneFlow 

TuneFlow is an AI-powered DAW. Its feature Voice Clone enables users to pick and clone preferred voices for singing or reading. The Smart Composer kickstarts music ideas with preferred styles and tempos, while the Smart Drummer effortlessly creates drum tracks based on chosen beat styles. The Ultra-Clean Source Separator splits mixed audio tracks into separate vocal, drum, bass, and other stems with industry-leading AI models. 

Check out TuneFlow

19. Pilot Plugins – Mixed in Key

Pilot Plugins 2.0 includes 4 VST plugins: Pilot Chords, Pilot Melody, Pilot Bass, and Pilot Arpeggio. Tailored for diverse music genres, they provide a fast and efficient way to compose chord progressions, melodies, basslines and arpeggios. Powered by the Phase Plant synth, Pilot Plugins also offer over 250 sounds. 

Check out Pilot Plugins


20. Splice Stacks 

Splice Stacks is an AI-powered sample discovery feature. Stacks can be up to eight layers sourced from Splice's extensive catalog. You can choose from 12 styles as starting points, allowing AI to match sounds across genres and styles, resulting in infinite unprecedented musical combinations.

Check out Splice Stacks


21. Bass Dragon

Bass dragon focuses on writing killer bass patterns. It’s a genre-specific plugin: you can choose between specific genres and scales, and generate patterns with a click of a button. You can then export the sound as MIDI or audio onto another track. Bass Dragon works in 30 different genres, including Drum & Bass, Funk, Future Bass, Hip Hop & Rap, House & Deep House, R&B, Synthwave, Techno & Melodic Techno, Trance & Psytrance and Trap.

Check out Bass Dragon


Vocal AI Tools for Music Producers

1. Synthesizer V - Solaria, Asterian, Saros

Synthesizer V delivers a vocalist inside a VST plugin. The voices are incredibly realistic to the point where it’s very hard to notice they are not actual human recordings. Not only does the plugin flawlessly sing the desired notes, it also perfectly sings lyrics with the desired vibrato and glide notes! Although the plugin used to feature only Japanese and Chinese voices, now it features a female vocalist Solaria and a bass vocalist Asterian. As for July 2023 we also have a beta version of a tenor male vocalist Saros.\

Check out Synthesizer V here

2. Vocaloid 6 by Yamaha

Although this AI-powered voice synthesizer doesn’t sound as flawless as Synth V, it’s definitely a viable alternative from Yamaha. It features a wide range of vocalists to choose from and a “Vocalo Changer” option to automatically transform vocal recordings into one of the synthesizer voices.

Check out Vocaloid 6 here


3. Elf Tech

Elf Tech offers musicians an artificial intelligence-generated rendition of Grimes' voice. You can record and upload vocals, which are then transformed into the GrimesAI voiceprint. It also allows you to commercially release the AI-enhanced creations and receive 50% of the master-recording royalties. 

Check out Elf Tech


4. Musicfy

Musicfy is an online app dedicated to vocal recordings. It introduces AI Voice Artists, providing access to a collection of copyright-free vocals. You can create your own AI models by uploading recordings of your own voice.

Check out Musicfy


5. Voicify

Voicify AI is a platform for creating AI covers in seconds. It allows you to explore a wide set of voices from public figures, various trending characters, and artists such as Kanye West, Drake, Taylor Swift and many more. After choosing the model you’d like to use, just drag and drop your song – Voicify’s AI model will even extract the acapella if needed!

Check out Voicify

6. FakeYou

FakeYou is a set of AI tools, including Text to Speech, Voice to Voice, Voice Designer, Face Animator, and Text to Image, powered by deepfake technology. You can generate audio or videos with your favorite characters, create your own AI voices through Voice Designer, as well as animate faces.

Check out FakeYou


7. Elevenlabs

ElevenLabs offers advanced speech synthesis, utilizing deep learning for natural and expressive voice generation. The Voice Cloning tool enables users to upload custom voice samples, creating unique and personalized vocal styles. The platform's Voice Library provides pre-designed voice profiles. What makes ElevenLabs unique is the fact that it analyzes contextual aspects of text, allowing dynamic adjustments to intonation and pacing based on language context.

Check out Elevenlabs

8. Lalals

Not to be confused with LALAL.AI (the stem separation app). This platform gives you a lot of professional vocal models and works very similarly to Musicfy. You upload your own acapella which then is transformed by the app into a completely different voice. A great feature is the wide selection of popular artist voices - Drake, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Beyonce and many more.

Check out Lalals here


AI Web Apps for Music Producers


This online service allows you to split any song into stems. You might for example want to extract a vocal from your favourite track, or remove the drums from a great song you’d like to sample. Although the results are not always incredibly high quality, this tool opens up an entire new world for sampling and remixing.

Check out LALAL.AI here

2. Moises AI

Moises is another stem splitting web application. It works better on some tracks and worse on others, but it’s definitely a good alternative to Lalal. Although the app seems to be more targeted towards musicians creating backing tracks for practice sessions, it definitely is still useful for music production purposes.

Check out Moises AI here

3. Jarvis Lyrics

This app is incredibly useful whenever you need some lyrics. You can let Jarvis write lyrics in a random style, or limit the choice to a certain artist or genre. You can provide a title and starting lyrics and let the AI assistant finish the song for you. Another nice feature is a “Chaos” slider - higher values allow Jarvis to take more risks, which sometimes produces nice results, but at extreme values might end up in nonsense.

Check out Jarvis Lyrics here

4. UberDuck

UberDuck is an AI text-to-speech generator - you can choose between different popular voices and make them say pretty much anything. Although not necessarily musical, the web app might be useful for producer tags or generating any other spoken word samples.

Check out UberDuck here

5. Melody Studio

This AI app is a great way to beat writer’s block - it generates chords and melodies for you with just a few mouse clicks. First you need to provide the lyrics (for example generated with Jarvis), then the app can automatically write chords for each line, as well as the corresponding melody lines for each syllable. If you’re not satisfied with any particular phrase, you are also able to tweak the generated chords and melodies, as well as browse alternative patterns.

Check out Melody Studio here

6. Samplette IO

This app is a great solution for anyone looking for tracks to sample. You can either let Samplette provide you with random samples from YouTube, or narrow down the choices to Genre, Style, Country, Key, Tempo and much more. 

Check out Samplette here

7. Playphrase.me

This web application provides you fragments from movies based on the text you write. While not a typical choice for music production, this app might be useful if you’re looking for film quotes to sample.

Check out Playphrase here

8. Adobe Podcast

If you need to quickly clean up a poor quality voice recording, Adobe Podcast is a great solution. The app uses AI to make even phone recordings sound professional. This one might be useful for music producers who receive phone-recorded demos from vocalists and want to quickly get started with producing without having to stack vocal effects.

Check out Adobe Podcast here

9. Distropic

While tools like Midjourney have been incredibly popular for creating all kinds of AI visual art, Distropic is a web app dedicated to creating AI album art. All you need to do is describe what the artwork should depict, and the app does the rest.

Check out Distropic here

10. Spotify Basic Pitch

Basic Pitch is a free audio-to-MIDI converter developed by Spotify, allowing users to easily convert their recorded vocals or instrument sounds into MIDI files with pitch bend detection. Simply record a snippet or upload a single-instrument recording (e.g., piano, guitar), and Basic Pitch quickly returns a MIDI version for download. 

Check out Spotify Basic Pitch

11. Lyricstudio

Lyricstudio.net is an online tool designed to help songwriters with powerful crafting lyrics. Features include auto-complete, a rhyming dictionary, and real-time collaboration tools.

Check out Lyricstudio

12. Tonetransfer

Tonetransfer from Google is a web app which converts everyday sounds into musical instruments using machine learning models. You can record and upload audio directly into the browser, and Tonetransfer will transform it into various instruments such as saxophones and flutes.

Check out Tonetransfer


AI Music Platforms to Generate Complete Tracks


One of the absolute cutting-edge platforms for music generation is AIVA. It composes entire tracks for you based on genre preferences. AIVA surprises with its quality - the generated tracks sound quite “professional”. It’s also a ble to read into your “influence tracks” to create similar moods to what you’re looking for. Despite being made primarily for creating background video music and film scoring, it’s surprisingly useful for other purposes as well by including genres such as Electronic, Pop, Ambient, Rock and Jazz. What’s also great about this platform is that it also allows you to edit the tracks afterwards - it works a bit like a DAW in that sense by creating MIDI tracks for each instrument. If you’re looking for copyright-free background music, this platform is a great option.

Check out AIVA here

2. Soundraw

With Soundraw it’s incredibly easy to generate tracks. All you need to do is set the length and tempo, select the desired Mood, Genre and Theme, and the app does the rest. This one stands out because of the wide selection of genres and other parameters. The results are very useful as well, which makes it a close competitor of AIVA and one of the absolute best AI music generators available.

Check out Soundraw here

3. Loudly

This platform automatically creates a number of tracks based on genre combinations and energy level specifications. It can also translate requirements from text prompts into complete tracks. Even though the results don’t always translate to usable tracks, the generated pieces of music can be very unique thanks to the “genre blend” feature.

Check out Loudly here

4. Ecrett Music

This platform is very similar to Soundraw. Based on 3 parameters (Scene, Mood and Genre) it creates unique tracks. It also gives you arrangement editing options, so if you’d like to mute a certain instrument in the chorus part, you’re able to do so. A simple yet powerful tool, very useful for content creators (creating royalty free background music for videos) and even for music producers (great song starting option).

Check out Ecrett Music

5. Boomy

Boomy is a very popular music generation app. It gives you a few genres to choose from (Electronic Dance, Rap Beats, Lo-Fi, Global Groove, Relaxing Meditation), and with a few mouse clicks provides you with unique tracks matching your requirements. We found it to be a bit less “professional” sounding than the other apps on the list, but if you’re looking for an alternative to Soundraw and Loudly, this one can also do the job well.

Check out Boomy here

6. Soundful

Soundful customizes your experience depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re a content creator, it will provide you with an amazing selection of genres and background tracks for your videos. If you’re a music producer, it can create loops, chord patterns and FX samples to name just a few options. It also give you the incredibly useful options to easily alter the key and BPM of the generated tracks.

Check out Soundful here

7. MusicFX by Google

MusicFX generates music based on text input. It recommends slight variations of the entered text to explore creative possibilities. Users can adjust the duration of the generated music, with options for 30, 50, or 70 seconds, and enable looping for seamless playback. MusicFX is quite versatile, producing a wide range of musical styles - including hip-hop, rap, country, and contemporary pop.

Check out MusicFX

8. Suno

Suno AI is a text prompt based music creation web app. In contrast to MusicFX, it is capable of writing vocal tracks and provides coherent lyrics. However, its current drawbacks include a lack of human emotional depth, as well as concerns about originality and copyright.

Check out Suno

9. Musicgen

MusicGen, developed by Meta AI, is another solution for generating music based on text prompts. The app generates diverse music genres, including orchestral arrangements, reggae, drum and bass, hip-hop, electronic, jazz, and rock. It also allows users to control music generation based on extracted melodies from provided samples.

Check out Musicgen

10. CassetteAI

CassetteAI is a prompt-based music generator. All you need to do is input parameters such as genre, mood, length, and instrumentation, and CassetteAI will generate complete tracks. Cassette's key feature is its commitment to user privacy, allowing users to keep their music secure on their account until they're ready to export or share it. 

Check out CassetteAI

11. Riffusion

Riffusion, is a prompt-based AI music generation tool with the ability to generate sounds across various music styles. It works by taking users’ inputs (text-based prompts) and turning them into spectrograms. Spectrograms are visual representations of sound. The tool, in turn, converts these visual data into audio, which users can then listen to and refine to their liking.

Check out Riffusion

12. Splash Pro

Splash Pro is another prompt-based AI music generator. Its standout feature is the Text-to-Vocals AI, allowing users to customize singing or rap vocals for their tracks. The platform offers diverse AI vocalists, including 10 singers and 3 rappers, enhancing the range of vocal styles. Splash Pro provides an unlimited commercial license, granting users the freedom to use their AI-crafted music for commercial purposes without additional fees. 

Check out Splash Pro

13. Tuney IO

Tuney is designed for digital video creators. Its unique feature is the ability to analyze videos and generate the perfect soundtrack automatically, eliminating the need for extensive stock music searches or complicated editing. 

Check out Tuney

14. HookSounds’ AI Studio

AI Studio is another tool designed for video creators. By analyzing mood patterns, aesthetics, storytelling, energy, and length of your video, AI Studio generates an original track that perfectly aligns with the tone of your project, eliminating the need for extensive manual searching.

Check out AI Studio


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