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Top 16 AI Web Apps for Music Producers (Mastering, Stem Splitting, Composition, Sampling & More)

As AI has been getting incredibly popular, more and more tools for music producers have been getting attention. In this article you'll find the top 15 web applications to help you with mastering your tracks, extracting stems for remixes, composing your melodies and chords, selecting songs to sample and much more.

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1. Landr Mastering

Landr is a platform which uses AI to automatically master your tracks. In the app you are able to add reference tracks and choose between different styles and loudness levels, as well as A/B between the original and master track with equal loudness. The platform also does music distribution, gives you access to collaboration tools and serves as a hub of many different music production resources.

Check out LANDR here


This online service allows you to split any song into stems. You might for example want to extract a vocal from your favourite track, or remove the drums from a great song you’d like to sample. Although the results are not always incredibly high quality, this tool opens up an entire new world for sampling and remixing.

Check out LALAL.AI here

3. Moises AI

Moises is another stem splitting web application. It works better on some tracks and worse on others, but it’s definitely a good alternative to Lalal. Although the app seems to be more targeted towards musicians creating backing tracks for practice sessions, it definitely is still useful for music production purposes.

Check out Moises AI here


4. Musicfy

This platform gives you the ability to automatically create vocal tracks that sound professional. It transforms an acapella (could be your own voice) into a couple of available models of professional vocalists. It also gives you the ability to train your own models, which can be done using any acapella you desire - so it gives you pretty much limitless possibilities.

Check out Musicfy here


5. Lalals

Not to be confused with LALAL.AI (the stem separation app). This platform gives you a lot of professional vocal models and works very similarly to Musicfy. You upload your own acapella which then is transformed by the app into a completely different voice. A great feature is the wide selection of popular artist voices - Drake, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Beyonce and many more.

Check out Lalals here


6. Jarvis Lyrics

This app is incredibly useful whenever you need some lyrics. You can let Jarvis write lyrics in a random style, or limit the choice to a certain artist or genre. You can provide a title and starting lyrics and let the AI assistant finish the song for you. Another nice feature is a “Chaos” slider - higher values allow Jarvis to take more risks, which sometimes produces nice results, but at extreme values might end up in nonsense.

Check out Jarvis Lyrics here

7. UberDuck

UberDuck is an AI text-to-speech generator - you can choose between different popular voices and make them say pretty much anything. Although not necessarily musical, the web app might be useful for producer tags or generating any other spoken word samples.

Check out UberDuck here

8. Melody Studio

This AI app is a great way to beat writer’s block - it generates chords and melodies for you with just a few mouse clicks. First you need to provide the lyrics (for example generated with Jarvis), then the app can automatically write chords for each line, as well as the corresponding melody lines for each syllable. If you’re not satisfied with any particular phrase, you are also able to tweak the generated chords and melodies, as well as browse alternative patterns.

Check out Melody Studio here

9. Samplette IO

This app is a great solution for anyone looking for tracks to sample. You can either let Samplette provide you with random samples from YouTube, or narrow down the choices to Genre, Style, Country, Key, Tempo and much more. 

Check out Samplette here

10. Playphrase.me

This web application provides you fragments from movies based on the text you write. While not a typical choice for music production, this app might be useful if you’re looking for film quotes to sample.

Check out Playphrase here

11. Adobe Podcast

If you need to quickly clean up a poor quality voice recording, Adobe Podcast is a great solution. The app uses AI to make even phone recordings sound professional. This one might be useful for music producers who receive phone-recorded demos from vocalists and want to quickly get started with producing without having to stack vocal effects.

Check out Adobe Podcast here

12. Distropic

While tools like Midjourney have been incredibly popular for creating all kinds of AI visual art, Distropic is a web app dedicated to creating AI album art. All you need to do is describe what the artwork should depict, and the app does the rest.

Check out Distropic here

13. Spotify Basic Pitch

Basic Pitch is a free audio-to-MIDI converter developed by Spotify, allowing users to easily convert their recorded vocals or instrument sounds into MIDI files with pitch bend detection. Simply record a snippet or upload a single-instrument recording (e.g., piano, guitar), and Basic Pitch quickly returns a MIDI version for download. 

Check out Spotify Basic Pitch

14. Lyricstudio

Lyricstudio.net is an online tool designed to help songwriters with powerful crafting lyrics. Features include auto-complete, a rhyming dictionary, and real-time collaboration tools.

Check out Lyricstudio

15. CryoMix

CryoMix offers an online AI mixing and mastering tool. It has been designed with artists' needs in mind, delivering a fast-paced, high-quality mixing and mastering service, especially tailored towards vocalists and rappers. Features include "Magic Touch" for dynamic vocal enhancement, as well as mixing recommendations based on machine learning.

Check out CryoMix

16. Tonetransfer

Tonetransfer from Google is a web app which converts everyday sounds into musical instruments using machine learning models. You can record and upload audio directly into the browser, and Tonetransfer will transform it into various instruments such as saxophones and flutes.

Check out Tonetransfer


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