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#1 Technique for Unique Melodic House: Using Acoustic Sounds


In 2024, Melodic House is an incredibly popular genre. Hundreds of tracks get created every day, some of which get sent to record labels. In such an oversaturated music market, it can be pretty hard to stand out from the swarm of other producers. And if you’re looking to get signed, your music must be absolutely cutting edge.

Some music makers, however, find ways to differentiate their music from the rest. They see where the genre is going and which techniques to implement to enhance their sound. So what’s the future looking like for Melodic House?

One prediction is that the “synthetic”, dry sound of synthesizers and samples is going to get more and more combined with “acoustic” sources.

In electronic music it’s incredibly easy to fall into the trap of making tracks which sound very synthetic. That’s because most of the sounds we use are made by using synthesizers - and almost all of them at the core use the same basic waveforms. Even most samples are synthesized, making the drums quite static sounding.



On the other hand there’s an entire world of acoustic sound which is still quite underappreciated. Acoustic drums are out there, ready to be incorporated into modern Melodic House productions. Same with acoustic instruments - these sounds are also a great addition - especially when combined with modern effects and digital processing tools.

Essentially, by exploring sounds outside of synthesizers, you’re incorporating inspiring and rich sounding timbres and dynamic patterns - which in turn makes your music sound unique to the listener.

However, when it comes to actually searching for acoustic sound sources, finding usable elements isn’t that easy. That’s because a lot of the acoustic sound libraries out there are prepared for film composers. There’s quite a difference between a strings sound that’s useful in a film soundtrack, and one that fits inside a dance track!

Another disadvantage of searching for acoustic sound libraries yourself is their cost. Film music production studios can afford to buy terabytes of sample libraries, but for a bedroom electronic music producer, buying only one might be a big cost.



At PML, we saw the need for developing samples which would allow Melodic House producers to add the “acoustic” feel into their productions - without having to go through endless libraries and spending a fortune. We partnered up with Orchestral Tools to create a huge set of one-shots and loops ready to be used in electronic music.

We called it “Acoustic Melodic House Themes”.

Our pack doesn’t simply give you access to acoustic instrument samples. Instead, it’s a collection of sounds which fit the genre of melodic house. The loops are painstakingly tailored to match modern Melodic House standards. 

The pack combines the incredibly big set of sample libraries from Orchestral Tools with the magic that our producers were able to do by writing patterns, processing and chopping them.

The amazing team behind “Acoustic Melodic House Themes” did wonders with the samples they had access to. The pack was created only by professional artists who regularly release tracks: Tim Engelhardt, Cioz (Stil vor Talent label), Yannek Maunz and Felix Raphael (YION label), and the producer duo Stereo Voltage.



We were quite amazed to hear the results. Some of the acoustic instruments used were Violins, Cellos, Basses, Pianos, Vibraphones, Marimbas and Brass instruments. There were also different kinds of percussion used - especially to create the unique perc groove loops. Once the natural feel and deep timbres of libraries from Orchestral Tools met the cutting edge processing of modern producers, the sound turned out to be quite magical.

With the pack, you are able to create organic, rich and unique sounding patterns in seconds by combining and editing different loops and. Making such elaborate textures yourself from scratch would be incredibly time-consuming and costly. 

In fact, we’ve recently released Volume 2 of the “Acoustic Melodic House Themes”! Now you can have double the amount of patterns and samples available at your fingertips. The sonic possibilities of processing the included material are quite limitless, and the samples feel at home in every electronic track.

With Volume 1 including 550+ loops and Volume 2 (580+ sounds), there are 1130+ samples at your disposal. Can you imagine how many tracks can be produced with that much content? Such a sample set is going to keep you creative for years!



Browsing “Acoustic Melodic House Themes” is an incredibly inspiring experience. The loops were crafted with such attention to detail that they can be used without any additional processing. They are also conveniently labeled with the Key and BPM, so that you can easily import them into any production.

Feel the magic of introducing acoustic elements in your tracks and get “Acoustic Melodic House Themes” Volume 1 & 2 today.


Acoustic Sounds
For Melodic House

Acoustic Melodic House Themes - Vol.2

The best orchestral samples meet contemporary Melodic House & Techno producers.

About This Pack

This is the second version of Acoustic Melodic House Themes. We teamed up again with Orchestral Tools to deliver the best quality of melodic and percussive themes that can serve as the main theme of your next track.

Six of our favorite producers got access to the Orchestral Tools Libraries and crafted mesmerizing tonal & atonal percussion loops, breathtaking melodic and harmony themes, atmospheres and a lot more.

Acoustic Melodic House Themes are the building blocks of organic and dynamic music production. A pack full of inspiration and our cure against writer’s block.

What You Are Getting:

  • 580+ theme loops expertly recorded by top session musicians in Germany’s best studios and processed by pro producers. Professionally mixed and mastered.
  • Endless possibilities to chop up and customize
  • 100% royalty free
  • You can use this pack with every DAW - no special software required

Click here to learn about the Acoustic Melodic House Pack.

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