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How to Add Life to your Tracks: Organic House Production


When producing electronic music it’s incredibly easy to fall into the trap of making tracks which sound very synthetic. That’s because most of the sounds we use are made by using synthesizers - and almost all of them at the core use the same basic waveforms. Even most samples are synthesized, making the drums quite static sounding.

In recent years a new, much more natural sound has been getting more and more popular. The genre of Organic House combines downtempo arrangements with ethnic, Indian and Middle Eastern elements. Such tracks often feature multi-layered percussion and a melodic layer that combines both synthesizers and acoustic instruments.

At the core of the genre are the drum grooves. The typical sounds here are quite soft kicks, natural acoustic snares and hats and recorded hand claps. However - most sample packs for electronic music feature purely synthetic drums - big kick drums and snares, metallic hats and synthesized claps - which is exactly the opposite of what you need for Organic House.

Another layer of complexity and depth is the use of foley recordings in Organic House tracks. Whereas it is possible to record household objects and the outside world even with your phone, the process of post-production is quite time-consuming and does not always result in producing useful sounds.



Using quality samples for electronic tracks allows you to make them full of life, dynamics and interest. By switching boring drum sounds to organic samples, your songs immediately start to sound exciting, rich and elaborate.

At PML we have a mission of providing producers with professional sound sets exactly tailored to each genre. It’s no different with Organic House, for which we’ve created a special set of tools with one-shot samples, loops, Diva presets and Ableton Live templates.

We called it the Organica Production Suite.

The producers who worked on the pack are Yannek Maunz and Brascon - both active releasing artists who specialize in Organic House production. They painstakingly sampled lots of acoustic sound sources - various drum kits, percussion instruments and foley - and combined them with natural sounding synth sounds to create a one of a kind pack.

Artists like Kiasmos, Bonobo, Tim Green, Stimming, Sébastien Léger or Monkey Safari will come to mind when you browse through the sounds. Incorporating even a few of these sounds into a track instantly makes it sound much more elaborate and natural. 

The selection of sounds is huge too - just the Volume 1 of Organica features 480+ one shots and loops. In fact, we’ve recently released a sequel - Organica Vol. 2. Now you can have 960+ organic house samples at your disposal!



The magic of Organica Production Suite doesn’t end there. The packs also feature incredibly useful, rich and inspiring synth presets for u-he Diva. With the presets and samples, you have all you need to get started producing your Organic House track.

On top of the samples and presets, the Template Edition of Organica also comes with Ableton project files which you can use to study the genre or as time saving templates for your own original productions. Vol. 1 and 2 in total include 6 project files which are all perfect song starter kits.

Feel the magic of adding organic samples into your productions - check out the Organica Production Suite today.


Add Life to Tracks
with Organic samples

Organica Vol. 2 - Full Production Suite

Professionally Produced Samples, Midi and Diva Presets!
Template Edition Includes Fully Produced Ableton Project Files.

About this Sound Pack:

We proudly present the second Edition of Organica. Breathe life into your productions with our professionally recorded and great sounding collection of natural samples, percussions and loops.

The precisely crafted Diva presets deliver depth, richness and an unmistakable organic character to your mix! Create the signature sounds of artists like Kiasmos, Bonobo, Tim Green, Stimming, Sébastien Léger or Monkey Safari - and make them your own!

What You Get:

  • 480+ Samples including 290+ one-shots and 185+ loops & textures
  • 60 rich & inspiring Diva presets
  • Optional Template Edition: Includes 2 fully produced, mixed & mastered Ableton Project Files - the perfect song starter kit!

Click here to learn about the Organica Pack.

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