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Top 5 New Features in Ableton Live 10.1 Update (2020)

Ableton Live’s new update has plenty of new features, from which we chose our top 5. Let’s dive right in!

1. Freezing tracks with sidechain compression

When using CPU-heavy synth patches, freezing tracks is a life-saver. However, if only you used sidechain, this option was unavailable. There used to be two workarounds. You could record onto another audio track, which was very time-consuming. Another technique was to ”group” the track, put sidechain on the group and freeze the source track. Now it’s possible with a simple click of a mouse. This simple-but-useful solution is going to save you a lot of time when running out of CPU!

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2. User wavetables

Wavetable turned out to be an awesome synth, but it didn’t come close to Xfer SERUM because of the lack of this function. Now that it’s possible, it becomes a very powerful alternative with a completely different sound. All of the sudden this synth becomes the most powerful native Ableton instrument. With all its functionality, it’s suitable for almost all genres (even dubstep), and is not very CPU intensive, which its big advantage in comparison with SERUM.

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3. New audio effects: Delay & Channel EQ

Have you ever thought that Simple Delay and Ping Pong Delay are too similar to be separate effects? Ableton now features a new effect with the functionality of both. There’s separate delay settings for left and right channels and a filter control, just like in the old effects. As for new features, the filter now has LFO modulation. The previously ”hidden” functions, such as Repitch, Fade and Jump, are now exposed on the main display. There’s also an infinite feedback option.

There’s also a new 3-band equalizer. ”Channel EQ” also features a handy display, a highpass filter and a gain control.

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4. New automation features

Now you can choose from a palette of automation shapes, just like in FL Studio. These shapes, like sines, squares or saws, can be modified with stretching and skewing functions. You can also draw in automation in Arrangement View with the ”pen tool”. Breakpoints can now be adjusted by typing in values, which is useful if you want to be super precise — right click on the brakepoint and select ”Edit Value”.

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5. New zooming options

Zooming used to be tricky in Ableton Live, but now, thanks to the new keyboard shortcuts, it’s easier. You can use shortcuts for pinch zooming and zooming out. Another nice feature is the resizable ”Arrangement Overview” window — you can make it bigger for easier navigation.

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