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Top 10 Best VST Vintage Retro Synth Emulations in 2024: Roland, Korg, Moog, Prophet & More

1. Arturia V Collection 

Since their first release of their Minimoog VST in 2003, Arturia has been the leading developer of analog emulations of classic synthesizers. Today their list of emulations includes over 25 synthesizers (like the classic Roland synths, Oberheim, MS-20, Prophet 5, DX7) and is still growing. All their devices are also accessible through a single plugin called Analog Lab.

Check out Arturia Analog Lab on PluginBoutique

Arturia Analog Lab

2. Roland Cloud Legendary

Roland have recently developed an entire line of VST emulations of their classic synthesizers - including devices like the D-50, Juno-106, Jupiter-8, TR-909, JD-800, JX-3P and SH-101.

3. Korg Collection

Korg has also developed official versions of their iconic synthesizers - including the MS-20, Arp Odyssey, Polysix, Mono/Poly, M1, Wavestation and TRITON.

4. u-he Diva

U-he Diva is currently the most popular analog modelling synthesizer thanks to its incredible versatility - it includes modules based on classic Roland, Moog, Korg and Oberheim synthesizers.

Check out u-he Diva on PluginBoutique

u-he Diva

7. u-he Repro 5

Repro is an amazing emulation of the classic Prophet 5 synthesizer with plenty of modern improvements, which is gaining a lot of popularity. Check out our preset pack for Repro here.

Repro 5


6. NI Monark

Monark is a Reaktor-based emulation of the Minimoog from Native Instruments. Parts of Monark are available as separate modules in the modular Reaktor synthesizer as well.

7. D16 Lush-101

Lush-101 from D16 is a great emulation of the classic Roland SH-101 with plenty of modern features, like polyphonic voices and an arsenal of built-in effects.

8. BX Oberhausen

Based on the Oberheim SEM, the BX Oberhausen includes full polyphony (32 voices), Frequency Modulation, as well as an Arpeggiator module.


9. AAS Ultra Analog VA-3

If you enjoy working with the native Analog instrument in Ableton Live, you might also like a more elaborate version of the instrument - the Ultra Analog developed by AAS. It gives you 4 easy to use macros for each patch, plus a lot of effects and customization options with an easy-to-use interface.


10. TAL U-no LX

Tal U-No LX is one of the most popular Roland Juno emulations. It's incredibly realistic and features both original factory and modern preset patches.

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