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Top 10 Best VST Plugin Audio Companies in 2024

In this article you'll find the absolute best VST plugin manufacturers in 2023. Let's get started!  

1. FabFilter

FabFilter are makers of incredibly popular plugins like the Pro Q (equalizer), the Saturn (saturator), Pro R (reverb) and Pro L (limiter) - as well as plenty of other useful tools.

Check out FabFilter Pro Q on PluginBoutique

FabFilter Pro Q

2. Soundtoys

Soundtoys develop some of the most popular creative processing plugins in electronic music. Their products include the legendary Decapitator (distortion) and the popular Crystallizer (reverse shimmer delay).

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Decapitator Soundtoys


3. Solid State Logic

SSL are known worldwide in the pro audio community for their incredible hardware devices for music production and live sound - but the set of VSTs they offer is also incredibly good. Their top plugins include the Native Channel Strip as well as the Native Bus Compressor - and their monthly subscription gives you access to a bundle with everything that's essential in a studio (Compresors, limiters, gates, EQs, filters, reverbs, delays, saturation and much more).

4. Universal Audio

Universal Audio offer a lot of software versions of iconic hardware devices, including their API Vision Channel Strip, Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ, as well as the SSL 4000 E Channel Strip.

5. D16 Group

Despite the fact that D16 make 3 vintage synthesizer plugins (including the Lush-101) and 3 vintage drum machines (like the 909 Drumazon), the company offers a big set of processing plugins - from reverbs (like the popular Toraverb) up to more creative processing plugins (like the bitcrusher Decimort).

6. Arturia

Since their first release of their Minimoog VST in 2003, Arturia has been the leading developer of analog emulations of classic synthesizers. Today their list of emulations includes over 25 synthesizers (like the classic Roland synths, Oberheim, MS-20, Prophet 5, DX7) and is still growing. All their devices are also accessible through a single plugin called Analog Lab.

Check out Arturia Analog Lab on PluginBoutique

Arturia Analog Lab

7. u-he

U-He is the developer of the most popular analog modelling VST synthesizer called Diva - but they also offer a handful of other popular synths like the Repro 5 (Prophet), Zebra and Hive.

Check out u-he Diva on PluginBoutique

u-he Diva

8. Izotope

Izotope make the incredibly popular mastering plugin Ozone, which allows you to master entire tracks using a single VST. They also make the Iris (synthesizer), the RX 10 (noise reduction) and the Nectar (vocal processing).

Check out Izotope Ozone on PluginBoutique

izotope ozone

9. Native Instruments

Even after discontinuing their incredibly successful Massive synthesizer, Native Instruments continues to be among the top VST manufacturers thanks to the industry-standard Kontakt (sampled instruments), synths like Reaktor (Modular) and Monark (Minimoog) - as well as the popular GuitarRig (guitar amps and stomp boxes).


10. Steven Slate Audio & Slate Digital

Steven Slate's two audio companies continue to make some of the top VSTs out there. Slate Digital makes some incredible hardware emulations (Studio Consoles, Tape Machines, Buss Compressors, Equalizers and Preamps) - while Steven Slate Audio makes the SSD5 Drums plugin.

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