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Top 10 Best Synth VST Plugins in 2024 - The Ultimate List

In this article you'll find the top 10 synth VST plugins for music production in 2023. Let's get started! 

1. Serum

Serum has been the go-to plugin of EDM producers over the recent years for a reason. It features an incredible set of functions and doesn’t fail to deliver bright, punchy sounds. Despite the built-in library of presets being quite small, multiple preset packs have been made for Serum, allowing you to make every genre possible. Check our Serum preset packs here.


2. Omnisphere

Omnisphere is a hybrid synth that continues to be amongst the top VSTs. It has a massive library of built in sounds, giving you access to both incredibly powerful synth-only sounds as well as cinematic sounding layered patches. It is especially popular among hip hop producers.


3. Diva

Diva is an analog modelling synth which excels at sounding incredibly fat and realistic. Giving you both Roland and Moog-esque modules, it allows great amounts of customization without losing its authentic feel. Diva is a popular choice especially among melodic house and techno producersGet our preset packs for Diva here.


Check out Diva on PluginBoutique

4. Vital

This new Wavetable synth VST continues to be incredibly popular because of the fact that not only is it absolutely free, but also features no less features than Serum itself. There’s a growing number of preset packs being developed for Vital and the plugin is expected to become the most popular synth among EDM producersSee preset packs for Vital here.


5. Arturia Analog Lab

Arturia is known for developing the best emulations of classic vintage synthesizers. Their plugin “Analog Lab” combines all the huge libraries of each of their emulation plugins and brings them together in one easy-to-use interface. You have 8 initial controls to quickly tweak any preset - and you’re able to dive in and change the sound as far as you want as well. See Arturia preset packs here.

Analog Lab

Check out Arturia Analog Lab on PluginBoutique

6. u-He Repro 5

Repro is an amazing emulation of the classic Prophet 5 synthesizer with plenty of modern improvements, which is gaining a lot of popularity. Check out our preset pack for Repro here.

Repro 5

Check out Repro-5 on PluginBoutique

7. Pigments

Pigments from Arturia features wavetable oscillators, sample sources and a multitude of additional features like granular synthesis and a solid effects section.

8. D16 Lush-101

Lush-101 from D16 is a great emulation of the classic Roland SH-101 with plenty of modern features, like polyphonic voices and an arsenal of built-in effects.

9. Nexus 4

Nexus is a rompler which has incredibly solid sounds, perfect for mainstream EDM and Dance productions. It gives you very quick access to plenty of very useful patches which need almost no customization. It has been used by many professionals and after many years its popularity continues.


10. Sylenth1

Despite Sylenth1 being known as quite a dated synth, it still proves incredibly useful in EDM production thanks to its powerful sound and an incredibly wide set of presets. If you're looking to produce mainstream EDM, Sylenth1 is still a must-have.

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