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Top 10 Best Vocal Formant Shifting VST Plugins in 2024

In this article you'll find the top plugins which allow you to change the timbre of any vocal by altering the formants. Let's get started!

1. Little AlterBoy

The most popular formant shifter from SoundToys.


2. MAutoPitch 

MAutoPitch is a completely free AutoTune and formant shifter from MeldaProduction.


3. The Sauce

Besides being primarily a vocal chopping plugin, The Sauce is perfect for formant shifting as well.


4. Izotope Nectar

Nectar is an all-in-one vocal processing plugin that uses AI. It also includes very good formant shifting features.


5. Melodyne

Melodyne allows you to change the pitch of certain recorded notes in a level of detail that's not accessible from any other plugin.


6. Antares Throat Evo

Throat Evo is a dedicated vocal timbre-shifting plugin from the renowned company Antares (makers of AutoTune).

throat evo

7. Elastique Pitch 2

Elastique Pitch gives you access to pitch and formant shifting on a X-Y pad.

elastique pitch

8. Vocal Bender

Vocal Bender from Waves is a simple pitch and formant shifting plugin.

waves vocal bender

9. Auburn Sounds Graillon

Auburn Sounds Graillon is a "live voice changer" and a completely free formant shifter.


10. Antares Autotune

Besides being the most popular auto-tune plugin, this VST from Antares is also perfect for formant shifting.


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