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The Ultimate Guide to Melodic House Production

In this article we will discuss the best way to learn melodic house production. Let’s get started!

The appeal of Melodic House lies in catchy harmonies and organic, emotional feel. The genre has been continually gaining popularity over the recent years and has become a major player in the dance music scene. Anjunadeep, Sekora and Stil vor Talent have become some of the top labels in the world, while artists like Ben Böhmer, Lane 8, Yotto, Rüfüs du Sol, Nils Hoffmann and Massane are getting millions of streams on both Spotify and Beatport. 

Despite its simplicity, learning to produce Melodic House is definitely not easy or straightforward. Melodic House puts a lot of emphasis on the harmonic structure, at the same time providing a strong rhythmic backbone. The sound design of Melodic House is also tricky to get right – the individual instruments and drum tracks are intricately layered to provide deep and atmospheric character.

Without proper guidance, learning to produce the genre by ear is next to impossible. Where do you start looking for resources to learn production in this style?


You might start by exploring various online resources like YouTube tutorials. While these offer valuable insights, they often focus on specific aspects of production, leaving gaps in your knowledge about parts of the process. Enrolling in Melodic House courses can be beneficial, but they typically concentrate on one specific style or track, missing out on crucial elements like sound design, mixing, mastering, and music promotion. Additionally, the need to purchase samples and presets can add to the overall cost.

At Production Music Live, we saw that the journey towards Melodic House mastery is overly complicated. That’s why we made the Melodic House Academy - to give producers all the necessary education and resources in one place, enabling them to get professional results.


The Melodic House Academy is designed to give you everything you need to get started. It’s not just a course or sample pack - it’s a complete set of education materials and tools for making professional sounding tracks. In the Academy, beginners will find out how to get started, while more advanced producers will deepen their knowledge and move closer to mastery.

The program consists of 9 online courses in which you will learn the entire process of creating the track, all the way to the mixing and mastering process. The tutors are active music producers and releasing artists: Yannek Maunz (YION, Katermukke), Matt Lar (Anjunadeep, Sekora), Bound to Divide (Sekora, Colorize). The mixing and mastering course is taught by mixing and mastering engineers - Ruede Hagelstein and Alex Inggs from DUAT studios in Berlin.

You will also learn the ins and outs of music promotion in the “Labels & Marketing” course. Here, you will learn all the best practices for applying to melodic house labels. Dan Curpen, the A&R at Anjunadeep gives you a clear and insightful roadmap of how to get signed. Label owner, artist and music marketing expert Wes Verhey also shares plenty of secrets for self promotion - from increasing your streams, to being featured in playlists.


But that’s just the start!


In the Melodic House Academy you get 10+ fully produced Ableton project files, providing you with a close-up look at musically rich and technically precise tracks. With over 400 samples and loops in the full-size Melodic House Sample Pack, you'll have a diverse range of sounds at your disposal. Included are also additional packs - “Organica Essentials”, “Acoustic Melodic House”, “Kickdrums Melodic House” and “Hats & Tops”. Together with the full-size pack, you get over 620 samples!

Sound design is crucial for Melodic House - with the Academy you'll gain access to over 170 intricate Serum presets and 90+ captivating Diva presets. Additionally, the Academy offers more than 170 MIDI files, ensuring that your creative inspiration never runs dry.

The Melodic House Academy is a program unlike any other.

It’s one place with all necessary courses and resources to get your tracks sounding professional. With the Academy, you have a straightforward program to follow. Save years of your life, instead of endlessly searching for tutorials and samples.

The Melodic House Academy is a comprehensive program led by accomplished instructors, and backed by resources that empower your music production. With 9 online courses, over 620 samples and a wealth of exclusive content, the Academy is your definitive guide to making Melodic House tracks.

Figure out how to make uplifting, rich and organic sounding tracks like Ben Böhmer.

Create deep, hypnotic and emotional tracks like Lane 8.

Mix and master your tracks to the level of labels like Anjunadeep.

Are you ready to make Melodic House?
Check out the Academy today!


Complete Melodic House Start to Finish Academy

Complete Melodic House Start to Finish Academy

Complete Academy Program for Melodic House.

About This Program:

Welcome to the most comprehensive program for Melodic House on PML! If you're a producer looking to take your Melodic House tracks to the next level, this program is for you.

We understand that some of our community members might feel overwhelmed by the volume of content in our Everything Bundle, which is why we've designed this program specifically for Melodic House Producers today.

What You Are Getting:

  • 9 Online Courses
  • 9 Fully Produced Ableton Project Files
  • 1 Full size Melodic House Sample Pack with 400 + Samples and Loops
  • 90+ Diva Presets
  • 170 + Midi files
  • 6 Problem Solver Packs (Organica Essentials, Acoustic Melodic House Themes , Kick Drums for Melodic House, Hats and Tops, Melodic House Drums, Vocal Drones & Atmospheres)

Click here to learn about the Melodic House Academy.

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