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The Best Way to Learn Melodic Techno Production

In this article we will explore the top approach to learning melodic techno production. Let’s get started!

Melodic Techno has recently taken the electronic music scene by storm. Despite the minimalist style of production, the genre’s appeal lies in the driving beats, atmospheric textures and haunting melodies. Anjunadeep, Afterlife Records  and Stil Vor Talent  have become some of the top labels in the world - just like Anyma, Tale of Us, Solomun or Stephan Bodzin are some of the most streamed artists on Beatport.

Aspiring music producers who want to learn how to make tracks in this style, need to face plenty of challenges. Melodic Techno tracks are often complex compositions, with intricately layered sounds and textures. Without proper guidance, learning to produce the genre by ear is next to impossible. Where do you start looking for resources to learn production in this style?



You might try following various different YouTube tutorials. These are often a great source of production tips, but it’s also easy to get lost in the maze  of tutorials. Such videos usually discuss only specific subjects, leaving you without knowledge about the rest of the production process.

Another approach could be to enrol in a melodic techno course. Some of these, especially start to finish courses, are incredibly helpful for music producers. However, even these usually focus on one specific track or style, and might not go in depth into areas such as mixing and mastering, ear candy, or promoting tracks online. Even if some courses provide you with samples to follow along, you usually also need to purchase samples and presets  to fully get started with your own production - which is an additional cost to bear in mind.

At Production Music Live, we saw that the journey towards Melodic Techno mastery is overly complicated. That’s why we made the Melodic Techno Academy - to give producers all the necessary education and resources in one place, enabling them to get professional results.


The Melodic Techno Academy  is designed to give you everything you need  to get started. It’s not just a course or sample pack - it’s a complete set of education materials and tools for making professional sounding tracks. In the Academy, beginners will find out how to get started, while more advanced producers will deepen their knowledge  and move closer to mastery.

The program consists of 13 online courses, including both the fundamentals and advanced production techniques. Learn about sound design, arrangement, mixing, mastering, and more. Your instructors are accomplished Melodic Techno producers  who know the industry inside out. Their insights and guidance will take your skills to new heights.


But that’s just the start!

Get hands-on experience by exploring 11 fully produced Ableton project files.  These are your window into creating tracks that are both musically rich and technically spot-on. Expand your sound with over 650+ samples  in the 7 included Problem Solver Sample Packs and 400+ samples  in a full size Melodic Techno pack. These sounds are carefully selected to fit the genre and designed to tackle common production issues.

To help you master sound design, we also offer more than 170 Serum presets. These are the key to crafting the intricate and captivating sounds of Melodic Techno. On top of that, the Academy includes over 150 MIDI files, thanks to which you'll never run out of inspiration. Use them to infuse your tracks with melodic brilliance.

The Melodic Techno Academy is a program unlike any other.

It’s one place  with all necessary courses and resources to get your tracks sounding professional. With the Academy, you have a straightforward program  to follow. Save years of your life, instead of endlessly searching for tutorials and samples. 

Get professional results with advice from actively releasing artists - Jonas Saalbach  (Radikon), Matt Lar  (Anjunadeep, Monstercat), Dahu  (Radikon), VNTM  (Infinite Depth, Afterlife). In the mixing and mastering courses you are guided by engineers from Ruede Hagelstein  & Alexander Inggs  (Duat Studios in Berlin).

You will also be taught by Julia Borelli  (Afterlife, Armada) – the genius mixing and mastering engineer behind iconic records from Anyma, Cassian, Mind Against, Monolink, Richie Hatwin, Rüfüs du Sol, Stephan Bodzin and Tale of Us  – among many others!



The Melodic Techno Academy is a comprehensive program led by accomplished instructors, and backed by resources that empower your music production.   With 13 online courses, over 1050 samples  and a wealth of exclusive content, the Academy is your definitive guide to becoming a master of Melodic Techno.


Figure out how to make futuristic, synth driven tracks like Agents Of Time.
Create pulsating, hypnotic compositions like ARTBAT.
Mix and master your tracks to the level of labels like Afterlife.

Are you ready to make Melodic Techno? 
Check out the Academy today!


Complete Melodic
Techno Start to
Finish Academy

Complete Melodic Techno Start to Finish Academy

This is the most complete program for Melodic Techno on PML - seriously. Learn from professional producers and engineers working with today's top Melodic Techno Labels.

About This Program

Welcome to the most comprehensive program for Melodic Techno on PML! If you're a producer looking to take your Melodic Techno tracks to the next level, this program is for you.

We understand that some of our community members might feel overwhelmed by the volume of content in our Everything Bundle, which is why we've designed this program specifically for Melodic Techno Producers today.

What You Are Getting:

  • 13 Online Courses
  • 1 Full size Melodic Techno Sample Pack with 400+ Samples and Loops
  • 100+ Serum Presets
  • 150+ Midi files
  • 4 Fully Produced Educational Ableton Project Files
  • 6 Problem Solver Sample Packs:

    - Astral Odyssey Sample Pack (220+ One-Shots and Loops)

    - Afterworld Sample Pack (210+ One-Shots and Loops)

    - Mainstage MT Kicks (54 Kick Samples)

    - Bass Loops (68 Genre Specific Loops)

    - Vocal Essentials (40 Dry and Wet Vocal Samples)

    - Impacts & Risers (40 Samples)

  • LIMITED TIME: 2 Bonus Packs. 1 Sample Pack and 1 Serum Preset Pack

Click here to learn about the Melodic Techno Academy.

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